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Music Events (more headlines) 03-15-2012

2012 Tribeca New Music Festival: 6 Concerts In 3 Venues. First Two Concerts April 11 And 18 At Merkin Hall

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Email: abriskin@aol.com
Website: http://www.TribecaNewMusic.org

2012 Tribeca New Music Festival
A New Generation Takes the Stage
Merkin Concert Hall, The Cell, and the new Roulette

First two concerts April 11 and 18 at Merkin Concert Hall

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—Tribeca New Music celebrates its 11th annual Tribeca New Music Festival—a series of six cutting-edge new music concerts at three great music venues, Merkin Concert Hall at Kaufman Center (April 11 & 18), The Cell in Chelsea (May 18 & 24), and Roulette in Brooklyn (June 1 & 4). For more information and to buy tickets go to www.TribecaNewMusic.org.

“For the second year, the Tribeca New Music Festival will offer six great concerts at three different venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn, allowing us to share music from an exciting new generation of composers and performing artists with a larger audience. Starting at Merkin Concert Hall on the Upper West Side with two concerts in April, moving to Chelsea for two concerts in May, and then offering two concerts at a new venue for us, Roulette in downtown Brooklyn, we are offering a variety of great new works performed by exciting artists,” said Festival curator Preston Stahly. (www.TribecaNewMusic.org)


Concert #1 Wednesday, April 11, 8PM at Merkin Concert Hall at Kaufman Center: 129 West 67th Street in NYC
Symphony Z and Contemporaneous: Premiering works by William Zuckerman and Dylan Mattingly

It’s a joy to witness the emergence of any gifted artist. But it’s especially cool to see the emergence of two gifted composers and two extraordinary new performing ensembles coming together for their first performances at Merkin Concert Hall. The two composers are Dylan Mattingly and William Zuckerman, both former winners of our national Tribeca New Music Young Composer Competition, Zuckerman in 2009 and Mattingly in 2011.

The evening is in two parts. First, William Zuckerman’s Music in Pluralism is a 44-minute work in 13 parts played without pause performed by his own group Symphony Z (http://www.williamzuckerman.net/Composer/Symphony_Z.html - 14 players), conducted by the young and talented David Bloom. The music brings a wide spectrum of influences together—driving rock rhythms, electric guitars, delicate strings, ethereal piano lines, flowing winds—suggesting a post-Zappa, Impressionist, Minimal sound painting. Evocative subtitles like Birth, Ecstasy, Act of Contrition, Passacaglia, and Subcutaneous Salvation Part 1-6 color the perception of the music. According to Mr. Zuckerman, “The music is ultimately a Pluralist melting pot, an homage to multifarious influences and musical passions garnered over years of musical experience.”

The second half of the concert features Dylan Mattingly’s bold new work, Atlas of Somewhere on the Way to Howland Island, written for and performed by Contemporaneous (http://www.contemporaneous.org/ - 19 musicians), also conducted by David Bloom. Inspired by the last flight of Amelia Earhart, the piece, according to Mr. Mattingly, “is scored for a large chamber orchestra, including an engine of eventually three keyboard players (piano, harpsichord, and toy piano).” Tonal, bi-tonal, multi-tonal in nature, the music thinks big with a Minimal, John Adams-like feel, as we’re launched into a distinct sonorous, beautiful, clashing, pulsing world powered by the traditional chamber orchestra (no electronics), de-tuned keyboards, and harp. With works sweeping in gesture and scope, both Mr. Mattingly and Mr. Zuckerman have created new worlds for the listener to inhabit.

Concert #2 Wednesday, April 18, 8PM at Merkin Concert Hall at Kaufman Center: 129 West 67th Street in NYC
Sirius Quartet and Face the Music: Premiering works by Uri Caine, Emily Cooley, and Gregor Huebner, with works by Jefferson Friedman and Jeremy Harman. Special guest: Peter Stan, accordion.
Born and bred in the downtown scene of New York City, the Sirius Quartet (http://www.siriusstringquartet.com/) blends the precision of classical music with the energy of a rock band. Violinists Fung Chern Hwei and Gregor Hubner, violist Ron Lawrence, and cellist Jeremy Harman are four conservatory-trained musicians who are also highly skilled improvisers. Whether playing acoustically or with electronic effects, they push beyond the conventional sonic vocabulary associated with string instruments. From Lincoln Center and the Köln Triennale to the Knitting Factory and CBGB, the Sirius makes itself at home in a wide range of venues and musical styles.

Praised for “stunning performance” by The New York Times, Kaufman Center’s Face the Music (http://kaufman-center.org/kc/face-the-music) is an “alt-classical” ensemble of more than 70 astonishingly talented teenagers from in and around New York City. Advancing the Kaufman Center’s commitment to modern music, Face the Music provides an unparalleled performance and education experience for the next generation of musical leaders. The group was founded in 2005 by Special Music School Music Director Jenny Undercoffer and composer Huang Ruo. Face the Music will perform Jefferson Friedman’s amazing String Quartet No. 3.

In 2005, Jefferson Friedman’s String Quartet No. 3 was commissioned by the Brooklyn Friends of Chamber Music on behalf of the Chiara Quartet. The composers states that “the quartet’s brief opening movement, Introduction, serves as an intense, rhythmically driving prelude to the 20-minute-long second movement, Act. The narrative movement references chorale and hymn-tunes juxtaposed with fiery, dance-like episodes. The final movement, Epilogue/Lullaby, was written for the first daughter of Rebecca Fischer, first violinist of the Chiara Quartet.”

Grammy-nominated Gregor Huebner says of his new work Colors of the East for string quartet and accordion, “You hear a combination of contemporary writing for strings and folk music techniques from Bulgaria, Roumania, Hungary, and Serbia. Significant for each movement are the open spaces for improvisation. These different countries in the east of Europe have a similar musical language, and especially in Gypsy music, which is a big part of each country's music history, you hear the different styles but at the same time their similarities. Colors of the East captures the music of this area by using traditional folk themes as well as their rhythmic patterns and meter changes.”

With driving rhythms and overlapping minimalesque loops, Jeremy Harman’s Paths highlights the extraordinary improvisational prowess of the Sirius Quartet. A languid opening gives way to exciting rhythmic accompaniments over which long lyric lines shared by cello and viola soar. Evolving from minimal through Ravel-like lines and finally into a climactic chord pattern over which the quartet members improvise, this six-minute work is dramatic and elevating.

For the past 15 years Tribeca New Music has sponsored an annual Young Composer Competition (www.tribecanewmusic.org) for students 21 years old or younger. The wining score is performed on the Tribeca New Music Festival. We are pleased to announce that Emily Cooley, a composition student from Yale University, has won the 2012 competition for her string quartet entitled Etched. Ms. Cooley has received a $1,000 award as winner and will have her piece performed and recorded by the Sirius Quartet at this concert.

Emily Cooley‘s Etched with its powerful, but delightful opening sets up the listener for a lovely journey of contrasts. Ms. Cooley says, “Etched follows an arc form, building tension over the course of the piece. Near the end, the tension is released as all four instruments play the same consonant melody, overlapping in canons. Throughout the piece, quiet chords of artificial harmonics repeatedly interrupt the action, and the music dissolves into this texture at the very end, fading into silence. I titled the piece Etched because the act of etching a design onto a surface seems somehow analogous to the sound and feel of bow against string. I would like to thank Tribeca New Music and the Sirius String Quartet for providing me with this wonderful performance opportunity.”

Written for and dedicated to the Sirius Quartet, internationally renowned, Grammy-nominated composer Uri Caine’s String Theories for piano and string quartet has five movements and combines composed music (mostly for the strings)and improvised sections(mostly for piano). The first and last movements and the second and fourth movements share certain melodic and rhythmic cells, while the central movement acts as a balance between the beginning and final movements. This will be the U.S. premiere.

Upcoming Concerts:

Concert #3 Friday, May 18, 8PM at The Cell: 338 W. 28th Street (between 8th & 9th Ave.) in NYC

Red Viper This concert features emerging composer/violinist Ana Milosavljevic premiering her own music along with premieres of works by John King, Joseph C. Phillips, and Randall Woolf, and music by Jacob TV.

Concert #4 Thursday, May 24, 8PM at The Cell: 338 W. 28th Street (between 8th & 9th Ave.) in NYC
Zink Nine Psychedelic The veteran experimental improvisation trio featuring performer/composers Dave Ballou, trumpet/electronics; Nick Didkovsky, electric guitar; and Kevin Norton, percussion, will perform new works and selections from their latest album.

Concert #5 Friday, June 1, 8PM at Roulette: 509 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn
The River Project brings composer/adventurer Eve Beglarian and her group Brim to the stage with premieres commissioned by Tribeca New Music and New Music USA (formerly Meet the Composer) featuring the Guidonian Hand (trombone quartet), violinist Mary Rowell, vocalist Malcolm Merriweather, and guitarist Taylor Levine.

Concert #6 Monday, June 4, 8PM at Roulette: 509 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn
Tribeca Monsters! This closing concert features violinist Mary Rowell, guitarist James Moore, pianists Geoffrey Burleson and Kathleen Supové, and others, premiering works by Mohamed Fairouz, Gary Philo, David Rakowski, Preston Stahly, and Randy Woolf, along with works by DBR, Steve Reich, and John Zorn.

Tribeca New Music (formerly the New York Art Ensemble), under Artistic and Executive Director Preston Stahly, believes that cutting-edge new music composed by living artists plays a vital role in the creativity, inspiration, and the very survival of our culture. Our mission is to challenge, inspire, entertain, educate, and thereby connect the public to the best of new American music. Our vision is to re-invigorate the public's concert-going experience through a fresh and interactive approach to concert programming and through educational initiatives, which include workshops and an annual national young composers competition. www.TribecaNewMusic.org

Kaufman Center: New York’s creative home for listeners, learners, and performers. Kaufman Center is one of New York City's most vibrant cultural organizations, combining the finest in music education for all ages with world class performance in the acoustically superior Merkin Concert Hall. Founded in 1952 as a community school for pre-conservatory music training, today's Kaufman Center provides entertainment, education, and inspiration for more than 75,000 New Yorkers every year. In addition to Merkin Concert Hall, it is home to Lucy Moses School, New York’s largest community arts school, and the Special Music School, New York’s only public school for musically gifted children. www.kaufman-center.org

The Cell: A Twenty First Century Salon™ Since its inception in 2006, the cell: A Twenty First Century Salon (Nancy Manocherian, Founding Director; Kira Simring, Artistic Director) has been, and continues to be, an incubator for creative projects. Through its strong commitment to cultivate undiscovered artists, The Cell: A Twenty First Century Salon has created residencies for diverse groups including the Tandem Reading Series, Center for Contemporary Opera, and The Blackboard Reading Series. The Cell: A Twenty First Century Salon is located in the heart of Chelsea, New York City. For more information, please visit www.thecelltheatre.org

Roulette‘s original and ongoing purpose has been to provide opportunities for innovative composers, musicians, sound artists, and interdisciplinary collaborators to present their work in accessible, appropriate, and professional productions. The organization is committed to supporting work by young and emerging artists as well as by established innovators. Roulette is a major New York City venue for contemporary music and intermedia art, internationally recognized for the presentation and promotion of experimental contemporary music, an incubator for young talent, and a laboratory where new ideas and new technologies are examined, appraised, and developed. It is also an artists’ resource center, offering cheap rehearsal space, high quality recording facilities, information, and commissions. www.roulette.org

The Tribeca New Music Festival is funded in part by: The Amphion Foundation, BMI Foundation, The Aaron Copland Fund for Music, New Music USA’s Cary New Music Fund, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, and the New York State Council on the Arts.

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