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Web Events (more headlines) 11-28-2012

Music Gateway - The New Global Business Platform

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Email: jon.skinner@musicgateway.net
Website: http://www.musicgateway.net/
Music Gateway – The Industry's Global Business Platform

Before we begin to explain what exactly Music Gateway is & does, we would like to share with you our founder’s journey. This journey lead him to create the Industry’s first global business platform for independent music professionals.

Jon Skinner has worked in the music industry for over 20 years, beginning his career as a DJ in '87. As the wave of dance music started to blossom, Jon gained grass roots experience from managing his own record shop ‘dance2' and creating a number of his own record labels. Jon has produced music and licenced artists from across the pond.

Whilst his personal tastes where in embedded in soulful vocal house, Jon has always had a passion & love for all types of musical genres. "For me I love great songs & melody, my heart is in soul, but my personal taste is very diverse. I remember buying all the street sounds cassettes with Arthur Baker, and my Dad handing me Thin Lizzy's Live & Dangerous CD. At the time I bought ‘The Best of The Jam’ on cassette in ‘Our Price Music Store’, I must have been 12 years old. I love dance music in all its forms, but I also like to listen to indie, rock, & hop hip. Like I said, it's all about the songs for me."

During the explosion of dance music in the 90‘s, the rapid reduction of digital production costs allowed thousands of people to home record. The knock on effect saw a flooded market with too much content, many of the productions lacking quality. In recent years, as we know, the digital world has changed the Industry beyond recognition. However, regardless of how tough the industry is, people still follow their passion and dreams to break through and earn a living from the music industry.

During Jon’s time as a record label owner and producer, he faced a mountain of uphill struggles to connect and work with the right people. The barriers he faced improved the standard of his work and what he was trying to achieve, there was literally “no end of barriers to entry”.

"It can be a frustrating industry at times. Most of people spend years trying to break through the barriers to get published, signed, or go down the DIY route. There are so many hurdles and ladders to climb, by the time some people find their success they become part of the barrier and shut out the opportunities from others. I'm not naive, I appreciate this is the way of the world, but sometimes it's important to remember the journey you took and what could have been different if people had opened more doors to you."

This was Jon's inspiration to develop Music Gateway; first of all think about the following question:

What’s the issue, why do people need a platform?

The majority of people in the industry struggle to stand out and get their music heard, signed, or developed into a product worthy of commercial release. Music can be used not only to sell as a product, but as a marketing tool to further the artist's career. For example, a band getting more live gigs or exposure for a DJ / Producer, enabling them to perform on a bigger stage. Or a singer seeking to work with more established producers, songwriters, or sign a publishing deal.

Whilst it is an extremely tough industry, this doesn’t put off people making music. In fact, the numbers are still increasing because of the cheaper and more widely available production equipment. It’s the norm these days to have your own home studio and writing equipment. Long gone are the days of booking out expensive recording studios, their facilities are more used in the final stage of the production for live music, mix down & mastering.

Since 2008, Soundcloud has grown considerably and now has over 10 million registered users who seek to promote their recordings via the site. Soundcloud is a great social media tool and proves there is still a huge market for people making music worldwide. However, whilst Soundcloud is good for social activity, the site, like many others, does not facilitate business opportunities. These social based sites do not have a clear work process, nor do they create work opportunities that isn't a manual approach.

The majority of people tend to work locally and make fairly random connections via people they meet or know (of course, there are many exceptions too). People tend not to follow up on new leads or contacts which lead to work opportunities. Musicians, generally speaking, are “Creatively motivated, most are extremely talented”, however, musicians tend not to be business minded. Most musicians lack experience in running a business or marketing a company, brand, or product. It is commonly known that this industry is full of cases where people have been taken advantage of (especially in their early careers) through a lack of experience and straight forward bad advice.

With the advancement in technology, home studio productions and the fast growing digital world, there aren’t the same limitations to work internationally as there has been previously. Currently, people can find other people online via forums, social media and other online resources. However, there is a distinctive lack of any real functionality to conduct business securely, nor a platform to manage those long distance relationships. Musicians need a platform to manage, access and transfer audio files whilst also being able to find the right professional to increase the quality of their work (through hire & collaboration). Yes, Dropbox is great for sharing files with your team, but it's not really designed for temporary project file sharing and there are limitations when sharing folders within other folders. Other platforms still lack any function that allows people to financially transact in a secure way, keeping that all important piece of mind.

Let us look at one example, A Producer is looking for a Singer. He has worked with a number of local singers, but is struggling to find the type of singer which meets the quality and style of his current track. He currently has about three main options:

Stick with his existing singers & continue working to develop their ability
Look to network online
Post requests on forums and social media sites, but this can be very long winded and lack targeting. Online sites and social media all have limitations. Musicians may be forced to place external links to their audio and profiles on Soundcloud or Reverb Nation, all of this being very long winded. This method is difficult to find the quality needed, accessing portfolios is inconvenient, and it wastes valuable time & money.

Go directly to a number of established singers, which has its own issues and barriers. Most established artists are extremely picky when choosing who they work with. Even if you do get someone’s ear, you may have to go via their management, which can be expensive. The exception would be that you are well established yourself and the other party may want to collaborate with no fees exchanged, however, this can still be hit and miss. Regardless, direct approaches normally translates to upfront fees which is financially risky.

So what is the alternative?

Music Gateway - The New Global Business Platform

There are a multitude of roles & requirements required to complete a finished recording worthy of commercial release or signing by a third party. Regardless of the project need, whether it’s a singer looking to work with a producer, a session musician offering their services, an old production requiring an up to date remix, a studio offering mastering facilities, or a record label looking for new talent, Music Gateway caters to all music professionals.

With Music Gateway, you can:

- Post project’s online, detailing your requirements.
- Connect to other professionals on a global scale, based on your target criteria, music genre & budget.
- Control your music projects in a secure environment.
- Use our unique project workspaces to manage you audio (it also acts as a backup for your files).
- Management and control of audio between your co-workers.
- Send & receive feedback via a sound wave timeline on music content (a function similar to Soundcloud)
- Create a portfolio & offer your services for hire
- Receive work opportunities relevant to my skills
- Introductions to other music professionals around the world
- Earn money & find work
- Further your career within the platform
- Be empowered, save time & money so you can focus on being creative

Music Gateway provides all the above and more. Our platform addresses all the issues and handles the legwork for you in one simple, easy to use website. It’s free to join, register and use.

We generate our revenue by taking a percentage of the transactions received for work undertaken (As standard, only the worker is charged when receiving monies). We handle all transactions securely and charge a fixed fee for premium project posting types. Users can become pro level subscribers with premium advantages & reduced commission scales.

Music gateway will be launching in 2013 and is currently available for music professionals from around the world to pre-register and secure their username.

The Music Gateway platform will deliver real work opportunities and career development to the global music community.

For all press and business enquiries, please contact

Jon Skinner
Founder & Managing Director
United Kingdom +44 (0) 7768 893842 / + 44 (0) 845 257 5699

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