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Music Releases (more headlines) 04-17-2013

Electric Yellow Is A New Jam Band With A Lot Of Extra Jam – Debut CD Is In Stores On May21!

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Email: jane.brown@sunsetdistributioncompany.com
Website: http://sunsetdistribution.wix.com/sunsetrecords#!electric-yellow/c1ubf
Music: http://sunsetdistribution.wix.com/sunsetrecords#!electric-yellow/c1ubf
Electric Yellow is a new Jam Band with a lot of extra jam – debut CD is in stores on May21!

Electric Yellow is a mainstream rock band that's music is a cheerful fusion of guitar driven rock n roll, jam band styled music, some reggae ad even some trance or hints at electronica, that make up the album of thirteen (13) (Twelve songs with Bonus Track on this debut CD) hard driving songs! And, as mainstream rock it can be described as musically at times, Electric Yellow is not so “mainstream” with great influences of Phish, the Grateful Dead, O.A.R., The Radiators, The Freddy Jones Band, Greg Allman and the Dave Matthews Band all wrapped up into one signature sound. The band has quickly gained a following in the northeast parts of the USA, they have started to set up strategic bookings to allow the band play their own style and for as long as they want to play live. Also, AOR rock stations have started to play the first single, 'Angel,” which was released to radio earlier this month. The band and the label also encourages their loyal fans to record their shows live, and to trade them within the fans around the jam band community, and at the Internet Archives web site. The guitar work (Nate Reinert) is some of the best around today and that coupled with the intense playing by all of the band members collectively, makes every Electric Yellow show, an event.

Sunset is setting up the album to be worked right at AOR (Album Oriented Rock) while presenting the band into the rock 'n' roll mainstream world of music. Electric Yellow is no doubt a band that jams hard live and they also jam hard on this entire CD. The songs are NOT short time wise by any means and the entire album just about fills the time allotment allowed on every single configuration CD. You would also assume that the lyrics would be hippy driven all about peace and love which the band does emulate with their overall sound, however, the lyric content is all about life, and about some things that are not so great about life ('Breakup Song,' Syphilis) . There's no real 60's throw back unless you consider the Greg Allman like vocals in songs like 'Angel' but the fact is the band jams musically in every way. They play live for hours with shows set up for all day like the one on May 4th (Beer making Festival begins at 1PM with the band set up top play a few sets all day until 7PM) in Philadelphia. One of the band's most jammed songs is one called 'Julie' and again, there is a hint of reggae in another song called, 'Get Down' while the opening song on this debut CD 'Apoloosa' jams out but at the same time, is very accessible for the mainstream music listener.

Releasing this album all over the world while setting up the licensing efforts with the strategic partners at Sunset (Records) is now a milestone met for the band. The label is also planning on releasing a second album which is near done today, at some time later on this year, or by early next year. Electric Yellow can be easily compared to such jam bands that draw the line between jamming and the mainstream audiences like say a Dave Matthews Band, or an O.A.R. (Of A Revolution), Freddy Jones Band and the Allman Brothers Band. Fans of these bands and fans of bands like Phish will absolutely love the music and jamming by guitarist Nathan Reinert, and Electric Yellow. The songs are also very much infectious to this type of fan. Their (Electric Yellow) fans want to hear the songs over and over many times.

Overall, Electric Yellow offers a way to reconnect music fans with classic rock n roll, while also being innovative with its music and with their playing as a cohesive unit. And, despite any formulaic approach to this style of music, the entire album is filled with some great tunes. The music jams because of the soaring guitar sound of Nate Reinert who plays along with the the soulful keyboard work of Brad Lukach which is then rounded off by Matt Elberson on those drums that do NOT stop for a second, and Tom Hyatt plays on that pounding bass. That makes up a band with a lot of hard psychedelic energy.

About Sunset Records
Creating a legacy for rock n roll artists, alternative music artists and pop rock artists, Sunset Records started to release new material in June of 2008, as a subsidiary of the Sunset Distribution Company. Headed by Chairman and Founder Don Lichterman, Sunset has signed and released music across a wide range of rock, pop, alternative, metal and soundtracks. Artists Include Federal Moguls (DJ Q-Ball (Bloodhound Gang)), Down From Zero, House On The Hill (#1 in Funk at MTVs Our Stage TWO (2) times in 2011/2012), Richtaste (Produced by Pat Aeby (Krokus), The Boy From Space (Produced by Fran Ashcroft (Dandy Warhols, Gorillaz), Joe Atman, Electric Yellow.

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