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Radio News (more headlines) 02-10-2014

We Play Indie Music For FREE!

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Website: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/our-mission-to-support-indie-ba[...]
Music: http://national.ourcityradio.com/channels/rock
You see, long ago, at a kitchen table far, far away, these two brothers sat, weary of the paths they were on that demanded from them much, yet rewarded them little.

They knew big change was in order, and it was game ON!

So, being lovers of making music, and entrepreneurial at heart, the brothers invested their time and talent into building an online platform to support and promote Indie Bands and unsigned musicians -- from nothing but the skin of their brains, mind you -- into the phenomenon that is now known worldwide as Our City Radio.

Fast forward to gloss-over the blood, sweat and tears part that'll just make everyone weep, to 2014, where they are ear-hole deep in awe and appreciation for what that table-top discussion many years prior has morphed into.

And for the people who have come together in support of their dream of giving a leg-up to the independent musicians and artists worldwide, who just want to share their talents with the world.

Sounds all good! So what's up?

Thing is, now we're getting "too big for our britches", as they say. So we're here on Indiegogo hoping YOU can help us metaphorically acquire some new ones by way of your generosity, love of music & innovation and your impeccable fashion sense.

And because it'll be really cool for you to be able to look back from the future and say, "Yep. I helped Our City Radio change their pants in 2014!"

Clearly we try not to take ourselves too seriously here at OCR. But our mission to help indie bands, artists and local communities? That we are serious about -- seriously serious.
Since a "Tally Ho!" would be over the top, we'll just say, "Onward!"

Here's What We're Up To with This Crowdfunding Campaign

Because Our City Radio is expanding crazy-fast, and many folks from our ever growing audience had something similarly unflattering to say about our website, we quickly woke-up to the fact that more big change was in order.

Even though our britches are tight, they are bigboy (and girl) britches, so we didn't run crying to mommy when we learned that some people think our sites are kinda (choke) boring!

Truth be told, all of us behind the scenes were at first utterly aghast to hear this proclamation. But then we actually looked at it from the outside in, and realized the validity of the gut-punches, er, well-meaning comments.

So what to do when hundreds of sites with millions of lines of code and other fancy-schmancy lingo that only the geeky tech-types grok, need to be rebuilt? And where are those NASA hot-shots from the Six-Million-Dollar Man when you need them, anyway??

Just ask Cake -- they're never there.

But that wasn't enough to stop us! No way! Undaunted, we put our thinking caps on (yes our big boy and girl ones) and made the decision to, you guessed it -- Crowdfund on Indiegogo (which we are pretty sure they secretly named just for us, btw)!

What We Need to Make This Happen
So when even NASA can't help, you know you have a sizeable job ahead of you, right? Because of the size and daily expansion of the OCR network, this project is a huge undertaking that requires the involvement of many talented and focused people. There may even be room for one or two from NASA, but I digress.

Nitty-gritty Alert!

So here's what the funds raised from this campaign will be used to accomplish:

Pay for the excitingly innovative NEW portal software program -- Here's a preview
Pay for hosting fees across the network
Pay the pricey but uber-skilled programmers
Pay our cadre of day-to-day support staff as we buildout, test and launch (no pun intended) the hundreds of new, interactive portals, worldwide

The end result for you, and you, and especially YOU will be a sexy-functional, innovative new platform where indie bands can more easily and still freely upload their music and create attractive profiles for their bands (No! I will not say 'sick').

While our audience will be gifted with a 'their-city-focused', interactive, immersive and unique experience in every city portal they visit, area businesses will thrill at the abundance of highly targeted local and global ad options to choose from.
That's what we call a colossally multi-faceted win-win! Double rainbow, all the way!

Some Other Ways You Can Help Us Reach Our Goal

Just because some folks simply canít contribute financially, that doesnít mean they canít help. And for those of you who did contribute, and are laying awake nights imagining the excitement of what's on the horizon thanks in part to YOU, take a sec and share the insomnia, m'kay?

Rhetorical question alert! Do you have a Twitter feed and a Facebook profile? We know there are Share Tools around here somewhere, so this will be the other kind of cake once you find them.
Here's what we hope you will take a couple of minutes to do, that we'd appreciate to no end if you would be so kind:

1. Take a sec and share your thoughts and our Campaign Link with your Facebook peeps!

2. Glide over the Twitter and paint us in a favorable 140 characters.

3. Add our logo and a shout out to your Pinterest page!

4. Climb (safely) to the nearest rooftop and make some noise in your city about Our City Radio!

5. Whatever you do, do not get arrested. That's no good for anybody.

6. Get Involved! Check out the opportunities we have at Our City Radio, full training and support provided. Join our email list there, too!

7. Tune-in to our next live show - details at the OCR National Rock Station

8. Are you an indie musician? Upload your music for free here (new version in the works, you retain ALL rights)!

9. Register at Our City Loyalty to earn points and bonuses for time spent listening to Our City Radio!
Whew! Hey, thanks for taking this ride with us. We know you're busy, and you have about 3.8 million other things you could be doing right now, but you're here! And we appreciate it, more than we can say. So thanks, and we hope to see you soon on Our City Radio 2.0!

Top 7 Reasons for You to Fund Our City Radio

True, we have no nifty gadget or cool doo-hickey to sell you, so why on Earth will you, your friends and those in your community decide to get involved and contribute to our mission? Here are the top 7 reasons we think you will agree with.

Because you can support your favorite local band or business in your own city when you buy one of the Our City Radio 'Pay It Forward Reward' Perks (unique to this campaign because we invented it!).

Because Our City Radio is good for the local communities like the one you live in, here on Earth. If we stop caring about and supporting where on Earth we are, it's a small step to those places becoming broken down and forgotten, mere shadows of what they once were.

Because Our City Radio specializes in keeping things local and they are already adding new energy, hope, jobs & opportunity to many hundreds of people worldwide, city by city!

Because it is harder than ever for local businesses to connect with their local communities through costly offline local media. Our City Radio makes connecting with a local audience easy and worthwhile.

Because human beings need to connect in real life. Not to get all sappy, but that's the way it is - we need each other, we literally need to be connected with other people, in real-life relationships, to be healthy.

Because Our City Radio supports local artists and business people -- the very people whose creativity and work ethic provide the local economic structure of our cities.

Because the chance to do something this relevant and revolutionary, and to personally have such a big impact on so many with so little effort, doesn't come along very often.

When our attention is drawn away from our local communities our energy goes with it and then what? Less life, less growth, less happiness. More cities struggling to survive or crumbling for lack of meaningful connection with the people.

But it doesn't have to be this way!

Our City Radio uses technology and humanity's inherent love of connection to bring people back together at the local level. OCR makes it easier to reconnect around music, local events and businesses for that real-life interaction that we all want and frankly need more of to feel satisfaction and happiness as we journey through life.

Why sit home alone, night after night, or spend more time staring at a screen when your city is dying (some of them literally!) to welcome you with open arms? OCR is making it easier for people to find places to go and local events to attend that they may never have heard of otherwise.

Don't you agree it's time for some high-tech change that makes navigating local living easier and more fun? Don't you agree that it's time to get behind something that reinforces the personal interactions and connections we humans need to not just survive, but to thrive?

Imagine how great you will feel when you contribute to something this big, meaningful and important!
Who else gives you the opportunity to help the people and places closest to your heart, while also supporting a global network that gives everyone else the exact same opportunity?

Our City Radio has reinvented the means for us to connect at home, where the heart is, where we live, where life happens!

Your 'Pay It Forward' contribution stays local at the same time it helps people and cities across the OCR global network, and delivers warm fuzzies that linger, no extra charge!
Please support Our City and your city by contributing to our campaign now. Thank you!

$25,000- Reaching this goal will enable our network to fully develop the new portal using a minimal number of modules. It will provide for three months of server hosting for the company. It will fund 20 people with a small base stipend for one month and support 200 cities.

$50,000- Reaching this goal will enable us to develop the full complement of modules and also build the artist directory that will create a much needed searchable database of artists and their information. It will also fund 40 people for a month or 20 people for 2 months and support 400 cities.

$100,000- Reaching this goal will allow us to fully implement the Our City portal and newsletter platform for all 30 modules and build the app program that will let visitors search and find things to do, for 1000 cities worldwide.

$250,000- Reaching this goal is where we begin to vibrate at a completely different frequency for local bands and businesses. This is where our network can offer FREE advertising to all local businesses and charities.

Ultimate goal
$500,000- Reaching this goal is where we have arrived at the first series of full completion of all apps, programs, secondary support sites and radio networks worldwide. Reaching this level means we now have a chance to be completely independent with our label and studio services, and with what they control.

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