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Band News (more headlines) 12-28-2016

Fadi Awad’s Road To The GRAMMY Awards 2017!

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After winning many valuable music Awards and accomplishing top achievements, the Artist/DJ Fadi Awad was selected to start his big Oscars journey by participating and competing as a start in the 60th Grammy Awards 2017… In 2016 Fadi’s hits “The Dancefloor Killer” that entered Germany’s Top 100 Dance Charts has won the best dance song in the Akademia Music Awards, and the Dance nomination badge in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards… His song “Christmas Is Here” featuring the top American singer Marcie, has won the Award of the best Holiday song in The Hollywood Songwriting Awards Contest! His track “Time Traveller” has won the Nominee Prize in the American Songwriting Awards, as well as his “Free Your Mind” has been nominated for the funk category of the Independent Music Awards! His song “Go Slow” featuring the super duper Sharon May Linn has reached the Semi Finals in UK’s Songwriting Awards… Last but not least, Fadi ended 2016 by leading a very important victory for his radio “Kiss Intl 107.7” that was selected by Radioguide as the top radio station of the week(s) in Hawaii during this important season of Christmas and New Year!... Fadi’s “Top Of The Pops” radio show and his track “The Dancefloor Killer” were the most requested, listened and got the highest rating and ranking in the station throughout 2016… Notice that “Kiss Intl 107.7” has been also Awarded and featured as the top Dance - Electronic radio by STREAM LICENSING… All what happened in 2016 and more were the subject of our interview with the Mullti-Awads Winner Artist Fadi Awad, who we have the pleasure and honor to host today in this important interview:

Q1: Fadi, we have noticed in 2016 a continuity of advancement with big steady steps of you as an artist and your radio station as an institution without sponsorship! How do you evaluate this advancement?
A1: I would first like to thank you for hosting me today, and thank all who supported me and supported “Kiss Intl 107.7” in every way… All our achievements happened because my team and I have our own ways of planning correctly and executing the best way we can, and because of the continuous support of our friends and fans, and because we were understood and evaluated high by big Judge Panels and top Awards and Contests Organizers… Not everyone is qualified to understand what we do, but the results are clear and positive and we are totally satisfied!

Q2: Fadi, you have travelled and worked with many music and film industry people in several aspects in many countries and you have gathered all that experience throughout the years and built from it your own strategies, which music and film market is more close to your theories?
A2: The US market… This is why our Independent Labels and radio stations are locally based there, and are promoted and working nationally and internationally…

Q3: Fadi, the top 14 Countries where your tracks are mostly rotated and where your tracks are mostly sold digitally and where you are mostly supported according to the official records that we verified closely are: USA, Brazil, UK, Germany, Russia, Poland, Australia, France, Lithuania. Mexico, Canada, Spain (including Ibiza), Italy, and Turkey… Was this according to your plan?
A3: Well we were always interested and worked hard to get into the USA, UK, Brazil, Russia, and Germany’s music markets and we succeeded to do that as well as were charted and done many achievements there! As for the other countries, some of them have a good number of buyers, others play our tracks in the clubs or radios, other got us charted, so the kind of success there vary between a country and another but we are glad about how things worked out, and we thank them all, and thanking all who supported and still supporting us everywhere in every way…

Q4: Are you interested in getting into other new markets now?
A4: Not really, but I am always opened to new serious suggestions…

Q5: Moving now to “Kiss Intl 107.7”: Congratulations on its wonderful achievements this year, especially that 70% of the station’s music are not mainstream tracks like many other radio stations!!! what’s next?
A5: Thank you!... Yes, this is a clear evidence that you don’t need mainstream hits and major labels tracks to succeed… If there is any media, sponsor, or investor who wants to host our radio financially as a terrestrial and/or online station, we are ready to work with them. Meanwhile we will keep pushing it higher and higher… We have a wonderful team and we’re doing very well so far within’ our humble financial situation and successful strategy…

Q6: There are also other radio stations that are run by you and your team, and their spins are counted for the charts, what’s the target?
A6: To enlarge gradually our small media group of radio stations and Labels and several music industry services…

Q7: Talking about the Labels, will you be signing more new artists soon?
A7: Well it depends on our Business strategy and on what comes up…

Q8: Now back to the Grammy Awards: Fadi, you always worked hard to lift the “DJ” career high, proving that the DJ is a good respected artist who can be evaluated and should have a better life… How do you feel about being selected to participate in The Grammy Awards, starting from 2017 and what’s your preparation plan?
A8: I really feel honoured, proud and humble at the same time. I thank the Grammy Awards main organizing team to give me this wonderful privilege of participating there, starting from 2017… As for the preparation, I still have time and I will give my best with no fear… I may release some new pieces during 2017 but I still don’t know which tracks will be chosen to participate. It could be from the current ones or the upcoming ones, it all depends on the category that I will be competing in and the Grammy Awards team’s approval…

Q9: Are you still interested in being totally hosted by a major label? And to get a sponsor? And if any good investor wants to do an Art project, will you be willing to become a part of it?
A9: I’m not really interested anymore in being hosted by a major label but could take a good offer, especially if they host my label as a sub label… Well sponsors are always welcome, at least they will have their names advertised in peak resources… As for investors, I’m always opened to new serious suggestions and arts and entertainment projects to manage. Every decent side is welcome to knock on my door as long as they’re serious enough, because I don’t waste people’s time neither mine!

Q10: What message do you like to send to your worldwide supporters today?
A10: I want to wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year full of all what’s positive and good from every side, promising them that I’ll always do my best to achieve the maximum good results that I can and thanking them for their continuous appreciated support! And of course, I thank you again for hosting me in this wonderful interview wishing you and your crew Happy Holidays and all the best…

Thank you Fadi Awad for this important valuable interview, wishing you the best of success because you really deserve it! Hoping to meet soon for more upcoming news and updates…

- Listen to Kiss Intl 107.7: http://www.kissintl.wordpress.com

- Follow Fadi Awad: https://www.facebook.com/ArtistFadiAwad/

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