Music Industry News Network [04-10-2011]

Unmarked Noise Debut Album 'First And Last'


The Netherlands, Amsterdam (April 10th, 2011). Great producers were never unknown in the Netherlands. Sixteen million people on a way too small surface, but I digress. On Monday the 11th of April Prowess Records releases the debut album 'First and last' from artist Unmarked Noise. The seven track debut album is a collection of tracks, made between 2007 and 2009 with free software taken from the Internet. The album is a mix of IDM, acid and breaks, reminiscent of Aphex Twin's album 'Druqs', Squarepusher's 'Do you know Squarepusher' and Orbital's 'In Sides'. However, no man has set foot where Noise-maestro's precious ship-sized feet have waltzed upon.

Unmarked Noise explored and imploded the edges of his basement's headroom, scraped up the remains and put them in a test-tube, Bunsen-burned what was not yet scorched, spread the ashes over the ever fertile grounds of Amsterdam, flirted with the local scenery while waiting for his fruits to grow, Mashed them up, poured that in a mold, and made sweet love to it. That!, my ladies and gentlemen, delivered the all singing, all dancing, incarnation of vintage-synth, Warhol wannabe, Nike wearing, bohemian bastard, by the name of Jesus W. fucking Christ. Shine on! You crazy diamond!

'First And Last' is available in high quality audio on Unmarked Noise's Bandcamp page, where the tracks can also be previewed in the finest quality. As a special promotion, five random new subscribers to the Prowess Records newsletter will get the album free of charge.


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