Music Industry News Network [11-13-2012]

Stoneface Honey CD Release


Stoneface Honey, an Indie band based in Portland, Oregon, is preparing to release their first album, Breathing.The band is led by classically trained, Angie Kopshy, who has a voice and style that has been compared to the likes of Adele and Tori Amos. Kopshy released My Troubled World in 2008 as a solo project before launching the collaborative effort that became Breathing. Kopshy wrote all the music and songs and when the collection was enough music for another album, she approached Hip Stew Studios, a recording studio with an incredible piano and the ability to season any piece of music with a pinch of jazz.

Kopshy says, “The album is all over the map - a direct reflection of me and my life.” Pop, jazz and classical influences are hinted throughout the album. When the studio had enough for a rough cut of the album, a campaign to find the perfect blend of musicians for the revival of Stoneface Honey was launched.

One of the band’s favorite songs is Stifled. “Stifled is actually a remake from my last album, so I wrote the song about six years ago. A lot of my songs fade away as new material arises, but this song kept coming back. And although the song was inspired by a really old relationship, the content still feels relevant a lot of the time. So I asked Hip Stew Studios to put some sort of twist on it and I love what they did.”

Another frequently requested tune, Breathing On My Own, was inspired by the sounds of Citizen Cope and Yael Naim. The huge chords in this song help to exude an impressionistic aura that sets the stage for the imagistic lyrics and cascading vocals.

Although the musician make-up of Stoneface Honey is new, the stage at Sellwood Public House will be full of seasoned and experienced musicians who have worked diligently to weave their talent and passion together in order to present a refreshing, crisp sound perfect for a Portland November night.


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