Music Industry News Network [11-14-2012]

WorldSound Music Television Launches New Channel On The Wisecast HD Television Network


When WorldSound Productions was formed by Janet Cucinotti in October of 2005 it was with one purpose in mind – to fulfill a promise to her friend Laurie Z.® to do whatever she could to preserve Laurie’s musical legacy.

Laurie passed away in February of 2006. Continuing Laurie’s legacy hasn’t been easy, but Janet has steadily kept at it. Today Laurie’s music is still being enjoyed throughout the world by Laurie’s existing fan base while being introduced to a new audience.

Along the way WorldSound steadily found new partners in music while working again with musicians Rob Papen (PERU) and Steve Jolliffe (Tangerine Dream), whom she knew from the days when she first met Laurie.

Always on the lookout for new opportunities for music placement, Janet was only too happy to accept when Eric Brown, CEO of Wisecast, offered WorldSound Productions its own music channel.

While the launch of the first wave of programming for WorldSound Music Television on the Wisecast Television Network is providing another new platform for Laurie’s music, it is also providing a platform for all of WorldSound’s music partners while offering a wide diversity of artists and genres to the contemporary listener.

According to Janet “This is a wonderful new opportunity, and not just for the music and music videos of all our music partners. it is an opportunity for Independent musicians everywhere seeking a new and innovative global platform for their music. I am very impressed with the people at Wisecast and their business model and mission of protecting public access to high-quality entertainment. Wisecast offers opportunities for Independent artists, directors, producers and entertainers everywhere. It’s an honor to have been invited to work with Wisecast. Besides, it isn’t everyday someone offers you your own television channel!”

Most important to Janet is the knowledge that Laurie’s music lives on, and that in the process of preserving a friend’s musical legacy, she has been able to help other Indies.

“What I do has never really been about building a successful business or about the bottom line. If it were, I would have cashed in my chips a long time ago. It’s always been about a passion for the music and a mission – and keeping a promise to a friend.”

WorldSound Productions began operations in 2006 and is affiliated with Zebra Productions, Inc. WorldSound serves as subpublisher in the U.S. for Azul Music(Brazil), represents the music of award winning artists Corciolli (Brazil)and Hollywood film composer Penka Kouneva, and Australian children's artist Peter Combe. WorldSound also serves as an Administrator for American Music Company's production music library.

WorldSound Music Television can be heard on Channel 429 on the Wisecast HD Television Network. For a free subscription to Wisecast T.V. visit


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