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Day & Night: Sennheiser Gets Behind The Music With The World’s Greatest DJs


Old Lyme, Conn., November 15, 2012 - A new series of interviews with the world’s top DJs explores the passion, personalities and drive for perfection behind the music. Exclusive to Sennheiser’s YouTube channel, the Day & Night interviews give a glimpse into the lives of top DJs, and the daytime people behind the legends. Each week a new video will be released up to the end of this year.

Party time, play time, quiet time, family time – day and night, our lives and experiences can be very different. That’s also true for the world’s greatest DJs. In a series of exclusive interviews, artists including DJ QBert, DJ Fly, DJ Mandrayq, DJ Sonar and DJ Nucleo share rare insights into their lives, loves and sources of inspiration. “The Day & Night interviews explore the source of their creativity, asks if inspiration strikes by day or night, and looks at who the world’s greatest DJs see as their own mentors and sources of inspiration. We wanted to show the personalities and also the work, commitment and passion that has made them the best in the world,” said Katrin Huss at Sennheiser Consumer Electronics. [Watch PREVIEW VIDEO HERE]

The Day & Night interviews were inspired by Sennheiser’s new Amperior headphones. Based on the legendary HD 25 – one of the most popular monitoring headphones used by DJs in clubs around the globe – the Amperior is the HD 25’s daytime alter ego, bringing the club sound to the streets.

In conversation with Sennheiser, DJ QBert, one of the world’s most influential DJs and one of the latest top DJs to endorse Sennheiser headphones, reveals a daytime persona that’s very different from his frenetic turntable wizardry. He tells how his superhuman speed on the decks is down to meditation, the calm of nature and getting plenty of sleep – a trick he learned from a hard rock guitarist. That lifestyle is reflected in different tastes in music – classical and sitar music – both are unexpected source of inspiration for creating new ways to scratching vinyl in the clubs. For QBert, music is about “the poetry in life” and much of his inspiration comes from spirituality. [WATCH FIRST EPISODE HERE]

Portugal’s DJ Nucleo, also shows a different side to the superstar DJ. Working as a social worker during the day he’s a different man between day and night: “During the daytime I’m working and I have to be that really serious guy, because I work to take care of children… At night I am a little bit crazy – a funny guy, and always joking. I am really a totally different man!”

The interviews with the world’s elite DJs were conducted during the 2012 DMC World DJ Championship. Sennheiser, as Supporting Sponsor, presented each of the 50 finalists with an exclusive limited edition Day & Night gift box. Fittingly, the gift boxes each contained two pairs of Sennheiser’s flagship headphones: the new Amperior for the day and the professional HD 25 for the night. “Like the DMC champions, our headphones reflect an intense commitment to delivering the best experience of the music, but what that means in different situations can be, well, night and day,” continued Katrin Huss. “For example, Sennheiser’s Amperior shares technology with the HD 25, but with a day-time persona: There’s the deep powerful bass and fidelity of the DJ headphones within a stylish design that’s perfect for wearing out and optimized for mobile devices. It’s a way of taking that club feeling with you during the day.”

1) DJ Fly sharing insights about his life at day & night and his passion for music

2) DJ QBert, one of the world’s most influential DJs and new endorser of Sennheiser headphones, talks about his sources of inspiration and his love to classical and sitar music

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