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Amy Regan + Friends To Perform Beck's Song Reader (Sheet Music Only) Album Live December 18th @ CSC Theater, NYC, 8pm, $15

Beck's latest album, to be released in December, comes in an almost-forgotten form-twenty songs existing only as individual pieces of sheet music, never before released or recorded.

"The genius of this innovation is in Beck's sensitivity to the modern digital age and finding a novel way to light a viral fire," says Forbes magazine.

To Amy Regan though, Beck's choice to release his new record as sheet music is more than just a press ploy. "It's the start of a conversation," she says. "It asks, with all of the technology that has changed our music culture over the last 100 years, what have we lost in the process? What do we need to challenge ourselves to maintain, and what can we afford to let go? I think it's brilliant." Regan and her band will explore these questions as they travel back to early twentieth century America, and learn Beck's songs based on the sheet music alone, fusing their own individual personalities into the lyrics, melodies, and arrangements, instead of learning based on hearing someone else's version first.

Amy will be collaborating with indie artists The End of America and Danny Ross for what promises to be an unexpected (Amy on Ukulele), spontaneous (they only have 5 days to prepare) and intimate (the venue is an old-timey black box theater) night of music!

About the artists:

Amy Regan: With her emotive songwriting and warm, soulful vocals edged alongside the mesmerizing sounds of the guitar and piano, Amy Regan is enchanting. Drawing comparisons to artists as diverse as Fiona Apple to Laura Nyro, Regan made her debut in 2010 to high praise. She has "the untainted swagger of youth, the confidence and bravado of adulthood, and the soul of the classic female music icons," said Alyssa Rashbaum (Spin). Amy is preparing to release her new record Pretty Little Baby in early 2013. Her raw vulnerability and playful charm make her irresistible.

The End of America: A Folk/Americana trio from New York City. Think early Neil Young meets Fleet Foxes. Their refreshingly honest approach to making music is creating a buzz: "This is top notch songwriting and proof that you don't need to turn 100 knobs and use studio effects to illuminate music." ( "These melodies are too wistful and the guitar tones too toasty to pass up." ( After years of leading their own bands, Brendon Thomas, James Downes and Trevor Leonard, found a powerful sound in joining their three voices. The vision for this new trio included a willingness to travel to the ends of the continent to create and record music in unique and inspiring locations.

Danny Ross: Melding lyrical sincerity with ambitious arrangements and pure imagination, Danny Ross builds a sound that's completely his own, and yet awfully familiar. Like some refreshing hybrid of McCartney's sophisticated 60s pop, Springsteen's American rock n roll, and Ryan Adams' alt-country twang. And like his heroes, he somehow retains a uniquely identifiable voice. Danny Ross is a classicist to the core...gorgeous...immaculately arranged...with enough guitar shredding to make you double-check you're still listening to the same album.... Like Ryan Adams, Ross realizes that there's no point in recreating the past note-for-note when it's more fun to smash pieces of it together in a collage." CMJ

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