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First Trailer Released For The Forthcoming Rockumenatary "Living The American Nightmare - The Hideous Files"



NEW YORK CITY (NOVEMBER 29, 2012) The first trailer for the rockumentary, "Living The American Nightmare - The Hideous Files," has been released. The film is based on the autobiography of Myke Hideous titled "King of An Empire To The Shoes Of A Misfit". View the trailer on YouTube:

Myke Hideous is the mastermind behind his musical creations, forming the rock bands The Empire Hideous and SpySociety99. In the summer of 1998, he joined the legendary punk band The Misfits, touring all of Europe and South America as their lead vocalist. Shortly thereafter, in 1999, Myke began working with DD Verni (Overkill), recording three albums for the side project called The Bronx Casket Co. In November 2002, Myke published his autobiography titled "King Of An Empire To The Shoes Of A Misfit". All copies of this book have since sold out. Myke worked with guitarist Johnny Nickel on the production of what would be the last release from The Empire Hideous, entitled, "The Time Has Come". In February 2008, Myke officially announced his retirement from the music industry, with the release of his final album from the band. He now focuses his efforts on the fabrication of his art and photography.

A "directors cut" of "Living The American Nightmare" had been previously released. However, because of creative differences in the direction of the film, Myke and the director, parted ways, with the director publically stating that his "journey with this project is done". Myke has decided to release his version of the film, the "Hideous Files", which will show "the original concept for the film".

Artists interviewed in "Living The American Nighmare - The Hideous Files" include Peter Steele, John Kelly, Kenny Hickey, Steve Zing, Michael Alago, Arturo Vega, Todd Youth, DD Verni, Bobby Steele, and members of The Empire Hideous, SpySociety99, Electric Frankenstein, The Bouncing Souls, and many more.

Living The American Nighmare - The Hideous Files" is scheduled for release in 2013.

There has been internet chatter regarding the Peter Steele (Type O Negative) interview in the "directors cut" of "Living The American Nightmare". The footage was Steele's final video interview before his untimely passing in April 2010. Steele was a long time friend of Myke Hideous. In fact, Steele was a great supporter of Myke's career. He also tried to interest Type O Negative's record label, Roadrunner Records, to sign Myke's group, The Empire Hideous. The footage of Steele in the film is a sign of respect to a man who had not only been a friend to Myke, but also someone who Myke cared about and deeply respected.

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