Music Industry News Network [12-09-2012]

CD Baby Reaches Milestone: Over A Quarter-Billion Dollars Paid To Independent Musicians Around The World

CD Baby, the leading online distributor of independent music, has paid out over $250 million to artists around the world for digital download sales, on-demand streaming revenue, physical CD sales, and as of this year—sync licensing royalties. CD Baby reports that they have paid out 50 million this year alone.

"For years, we've been paying musicians every single Monday," says CD Baby president Brian Felsen. "but to have hit the 250 million mark for payouts — that's a big achievement for the artists who work with CD Baby, and I want to both congratulate and thank them."

For a one-time setup fee per track or album, CD Baby provides artists with a simple way to manage multiple music revenue streams from one account, including distribution to a wide network of digital music partners; physical distribution to thousands of brick-and-mortar record stores; a new sync-licensing program which pays artists whenever their music is used for film, TV, video, games, YouTube, and more; plus an easy way to sell direct-to-fan via CD Baby's MusicStore for Facebook app and MusicStore widget.

"I'm proud that hundreds of thousands of musicians have turned to CD Baby to meet their music distribution needs over the years," says Felsen. "And while the quarter billion dollars we've paid out is a big accomplishment for CD Baby, I'd really like to take this opportunity to congratulate our artists — not only the "established" ones who make their sole living from sales, but also every artist who uses us to get their music out to the world. Whenever you create a new song or a new recording, you're enriching your own life and the lives of those you come in contact with."


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