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KROJC - PIRX - New CD Based On Stanislaw Lem's Book.


Music based on the Stanisław Lem's "Tales of Pirx the Pilot". Pirx is a fictional character from Stanislaw Lem's science fiction works. He is as an ordinary "working man" who unlike traditional heroic space pilots has little if anything heroic about him. He sometimes finds himself in extreme situations, which he overcomes mostly through ordinary common sense and average luck. The stories are set somewhere in the XXI-XXII centuries, in a futuristic Occidental world (as opposed to a Communist Utopia where some of Lem's other novels take place) in which Mankind is starting to colonize the Solar System.

11 tracks recorded, mixed and mastered by Jakub Pokorski vel KROJC, ex- guitarist of the well known polish alternative ensemble LAO CHE. CD comes in limited to 300 copies and hand-numbered metal box with screenprint and additional booklet. This release is also available on limited to 50 copies casette.

Few tracks from the album can be found at .

Clip to the second single from this release - POLOWANIE - can be found here:

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