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Pop Artist Yulianna To Perform The First Ever Hybrid Reality “End Of Times” Concert On December 21st, 2012


Dynamic pop artist Yulianna stands on the cutting edge of innovation with her Hybrid Reality Performance to celebrate the “End of Times” on December 21st, 2012. A project that started more than six years ago as collaboration between Patty Rangel, a Hybrid Reality producer, the “End of Times” concert is set to usher in this New Entertainment Experience to a brand new audience of Yulianna fans and virtual reality veterans through the popular multi-player platform, Born from a conversation about dreams and a visualization of Yulianna as the “Yulianna Avatar Rockstar,” it was a taken to a new level in 2011 after Patty Rangel invented the world’s first Holographic Telepresence System for Avatars and tested brainwave reactions to Yulianna’s popular single, “Forgiveness.” The ability to produce the epic virtual concert the women had once dreamt of years before was now a full-fledged reality, set to be used as a test for full graphics, media, voice and stimulation interfaces that would eventually become the Hybrid Reality performance.

The founder of SecondLife, Philip Rosedale, said recently at the Mixed Reality seminar at NASA, “Some of the things we see happening quanta-mechanically, on a smaller scale, actually happen in virtual worlds and happen more in our world as we increasingly stimulate it with computers.” This is exactly the bases of the experience that will culminate in the “End of Times” performance; with the help of a large production team that consists of producers, production managers, metaverse developers, virtual choreographers, virtual costume designers, programmers and virtual cinematographers, that have come together from all around the world in the “metaverse” through the use of their “Avatars” to launch this full scale 3D concert. The real-time performance is meant to be an interactive experience for a global audience, with guest in the virtual reality world of Second Life able to attend via their avatars, and fans of Yulianna able to stream the live broadcast on designated websites. What is a first for the music community will most certainly usher in a new era of live performances for musicians and performers worldwide. With Yulianna’s exceptional vocals and hypnotizing command of the stage, there’s sure to be a massive turn-out in both the virtual world and the real world. Be sure to tune into Yulianna’s “End of Times” Hybrid Realty concert through the live website streams or via Second Life on December 21st, 2012.

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