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Dubstep Producer Opens His Heart



Mistah Nerf

W.A.N. Feat K-Chan

Exclusively On Junodownload

Filipino Dubstep producer Mistah Nerf opens his heart to fans and expresses his feelings about his break up... The love he lost... The one that got away.

In a recent interview, Mistah Nerf Says, "This song is something pretty close to my chest.  For all my Dubstep and Electro House producing, I'm also a romantic at heart, and this is my take on 'Lovestep', wherein I get to wobbles, synths and glitch sounds while still being able to tap into a deeper core of humanity - the ability to feel emotions of love and loss.  While it's hard to accept that you've made mistakes that have affected how things ended up with the one you loved, it's very much reality, and sometimes we just have to accept that things don't work out the way you wanted them to.  Whether it's something for your own good that may be seen as selfish by others, or a means for you to finally make an impact on the world, only to be told by that special person first place, sometimes coming up with something artistic and emotionally profound is what's needed to reveal a part of yourself kept hidden for so long. W.A.N. is an abbreviation for Wuo Ai Ni, which is Chinese for 'I Love You.'  Things have changed, people have moved on, but you'll never forget that one person whom you've
always wanted to have a life with, the one you called your everything and your better half, And how she's slipped away from your life."

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