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Hyped-up Animated Electro Band SAM Releases Debut Album


Canada-based cartoon two-piece SAM’s self-titled debut album is released worldwide today under the Swedish Dansant label.

SAM is the Canadian and animated collaboration of Sadoway; the silent but deadly talented electronic music guru, and Mandrake; the fast-talking, misty vocal, pop mouthpiece.

In the spring of 2012, SAM was picked up the Dansant label of the Gothenburg based Substream Music Group – the largest electronic record company in West Sweden – and started preparing for their big launch.

The band’s first single “Bitch Stole My Song” was released in September and has been playing frequently on air in Europe, America and Asia. The track was picked up by the prestigious EQ Music Blog and the remix by U4Ya drew big attention during the Amsterdam Dance Event in September and has been featured in several dance compilations in Europe.

‘Passion EP’ – Coming Soon

Right now, the band is hard at work preparing for the next single from the album, scheduled for March. The track, called “Passion” is an upbea t number - flirting with the house scene and packaged with a animated master piece for a music video featuring Sadoway and Mandrake in an action-packed, futuristic story.
A teaser of the music video is already now available on youtube.

About the Dansant Record Label

The release is coming out on Dansant, a part of the Substream Music Group of Sweden. Dansant was launched in 2012 with the vision to bring “Whatever makes you move” to DJs and regular. Today, the label has released 50 EPs and albums with dance, house and nu-disco music from artists all over the world.

Substream is an innovative music company and one of Sweden's top label groups for electronic music. The label’s main office is located in downtown Gothenburg on the Swedish Westcoast. Substream made industry headlines in 2005 and 2006 pioneering alternative payment and licensing models for digital music.

Today Substream holds a catalog of 300 releases and more than 2000 tracks released under the 9 subsidary labels: Substream (electro-pop), Mareld (leftfield electronica), Dansant (dance and upbeat pop) and the Clubstream label group (6 labels from house to techno and dubstep). Substream also operates one of Sweden's most renowned mastering studios.


Please Substream / Dansant for questions, interviews, features, promo for review. Our artists are available for radio interviews, features and guest blog appearances on request.


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