Music Industry News Network [02-03-2013]

MP4SLS Announces Launch Of OraStream, The World's First HD-Quality Cloud-Music Service


As music streaming moved to the mainstream in 2012, with usage growth rates hitting an all-time high, MP4SLS today announced the launch of the world's first HD-Quality Streaming Service: OraStream.

Using patented audio streaming technology, OraStream enables the adaptive streaming of up to HD quality 24 bit/192kHz audio over the internet and mobile networks to connected devices in a buffer-free manner. With this platform, artists can now deliver lossless studio quality audio directly to fans, who can hear music exactly as it was produced and meant to be heard, with all the audio nuances intact.

Labels, producers and artists can now upload all their music to the OraStream Cloud at HYPERLINK "", for sharing with their peers and fans in glorious HD-Quality audio; and by enabling the Store option, with one click they can sell directly to their fans, and publish their own mobile apps.

As part of the recent movement by artists and fans to reclaim audio quality (which has suffered in the digital mp3 age), Neil Young observed that current digital formats produce only about "5 percent of the content in the music that we used to have. It's not that digital is bad or inferior. It's that the way it's being used is not sufficient to transfer the depth of the art."

The current method of listening to HD-quality audio (which requires the download and native storage of files) is constrained by the limited storage capacity of mobile devices. HD-Quality audio streaming "on-the-go" is the natural progression of consumer listening habits.

OraStream has now led the way by showing that high quality lossless audio can indeed be delivered to music fans via existing digital vehicles, in conjunction with artists who have already adopted the OraStream service, including Creedence Clearwater Revival, Brendan Benson, and jazz impresario, Jeremy Monteiro, amongst others.

The defining hallmarks and benefits of the OraStream service are the ability of artists to sell music conveniently, and easy access for fans to enjoy HD-Quality Audio via OraStream.

OraStream also validates and stimulates the further development of personal and home audio ecosystem by making HD-Quality audio available immediately on all networks and sound systems.


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