Music Industry News Network [02-04-2013]

Rock Group Millennium Releases New Single 'Roll'


What happens when the person you love walks out on you? You put on appearances like they didn't mean much to you, while you slowly and painfully fall apart inside. Millennium takes on this heart-wrenching experience through its stylish blend of lush vocals, rich acoustic instrumentation and tight production.

It's a subject that hits home to many. That is probably why Stryker, composer, producer and singer for Millennium, felt that the song practically wrote itself. Although the title 'Roll' appears to make light of the separation, it is exactly that type of coping method one uses to safeguard their heart when a loved one walks out the door. 'Roll' is dripping with this type of satire as the broken-hearted character talks of 'wining and dining honeys' while at the same time pining over his lost love. He attempts to cover that wound, which is akin to placing a band-aid on a breaking dam, by putting up appearances as though the person did not mean much anyway.

'Roll' leads with Stryker's distinct tenor and piano before being joined by a beautiful ensemble of lush vocal harmonies, electric guitar, bass and drums. The song then builds in emotional intensity and climaxes in the last chorus with fullness and fervor, sweetened by the soulful voices of K-King and Sapphire. In many respects, 'Roll' captures the heartfelt melodic songwriting of the 80s with all of the originality and tightness of a modern production.

'Roll' is one of Millennium's more serious songs from their upcoming self-titled album, which is anticipated to be released on July 1, 2013. The album is a collection of songs capturing a wide range of emotions, including the upbeat, reggae-rock groove Beach Anthem, featuring platinum artist Baby Bash. To listen to the new single 'Roll', simply click on the above audio link. The single is now available on iTunes and other major on-line distributors.

Millennium is a progressive rock group from Los Angeles, CA with something to say both lyrically and in the public arena through songs that are original, edgy and melodic. Millennium consists of Stryker, Sapphire and K-King (vocals), Brad Dawson (drums), Gaku Murata (Guitar), Nathan York (Bass) and Fred Smith (Keys). Last month, they broke into the top ten list of best rock groups in Los Angeles on Reverbnation.


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