Music Industry News Network [02-23-2013]

Ghostly Songs Bows Gholicense Library And New Website

Ghostly Songs has been working over the past year to create a user-friendly music licensing experience, striving towards a more intuitive and streamlined process for veterans of the music industry as well as clearer processes and fewer barriers for those not as well versed in music licensing. We re-launch to the public, powered by SynchTank's technology.

The re-launch of has yielded a multitude of modern features, establishing Ghostly Songs as a primary player in 21st century music publishing. These include:

1) the Gholicense catalog of pre-cleared material, purchasable immediately, online,
2) a robust search functionality for the publisher's entire library of music,
3) playlist collaboration for supervisors working with multiple layers of approval, and
4) SynchStage technology, allowing creative to put our music against picture easily & quickly.

Gholicense is a new music licensing service integrated into, aiming focus on simple rights & immediate usability. Pick a song, check out, and use it. An invaluable asset for projects with short deadlines requiring rapid turn-around time and smaller-scale endeavors with budgetary constraints, the first wave of Gholicense material includes new, unreleased material from Shigeto, Mux Mool, Osborne, Ben Benjamin, Aeroc, and Tim Koch.

The entire Gholicense catalog as well as the Ghostly Songs library of music (including material from the Ghostly International, Spectral Sound, Quite Scientific, Felte, and Non Projects catalogs featuring artists including Matthew Dear, Tycho, Lusine, Chris Bathgate, Lightning Love, Telefon Tel Aviv, PVT, and many more) will be searchable based on SynchTank's algorithm driven descriptive track analysis and countless human-generated tags from members of the Ghostly Songs team. This feature can be accessed through a traditional search bar as well as a category-based, checkbox advanced search. is intended to accommodate every step of the licensing process from song consideration and selection to synchronization of audio with moving picture. Adding songs to a savable playlist allows for easier personal reference and allows for the option to collaborate with others working on a project to add to that same playlist. SynchStage is an online video synchronization suite that can host a user's video and assist in the exact positioning of a song with picture - all within a web browser.

Ghostly Songs' Director of Creative Licensing and Business Affairs (Jeremy Peters) had this to say: "Ghostly's always been a forward thinking brand, and we're excited to use the power of technology to modernize the way film makers and creatives interact with our catalog. Customer service tends to be thrown aside in the classic music publishing model, and that's not how we do things. We want to get it done quickly and correctly, the first time and to get people great music at a fair price, and this site helps do just that."


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