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Shawn Michael Perry and his band “Only The Brave” have been in the public eye for over 15 years. Perry is of Native American, Salish and Mayan decent. It has been a journey moving my music towards mainstream media. This year Perry’s album "Shawn Michael Perry & Only The Brave Special Edition" is up for "Best Pop Recording" and for "Best Produced" Album of the year for the NAMA (Native American Music Awards) 2013. We are thankful for this years recognition !

John Avila the talented bassist/producer of "Oingo Boingo" co-produced Perry’s album. Perry is working on his latest album “Hungry 4 Heroes”, which will be released in 2013. 4EVER - N - MYHEART (a new duet) is the latest single to be released soon and will be included as one of the tracks on "Hungry 4 Heroes".

Shawn Michael Perry will be featured on the cover of top author Terrie McClays new novel 4EVER -N- MYHEART with a release date of February 28, 2013. Look for Terrie McClay's top selling novels in book stores near you!

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Shawn Michael Perry has been in the TV/Film spotlight for over 20 years. He is in a national commercial for the Ad Council (a President Obama initiative) on fatherhood which is on it’s third year run. He has been a motivational speaker for 20 years. Perry feels he has accomplished many of his goals but working with and giving back to his native people is where his heart is!

Shawn Michael Perry & Belinda Corcovelos, owners of “All That Culture Music of The Americas”, sister company to “Only The Brave Recordings & Entertainment” recently joined forces with Arizona Music Pro, a leader when it comes to musical sales, education and customer service in the greater Northern Arizona communities.

ATC & AMP are focusing on bringing musical instruments to rural and reservation communities. Arizona Music Pro & ATC will provide sales, service and instruction within a 200 mile radius from Arizona Music Pro. All That Culture & Arizona Music Pro are pleased to support native communities. Come and check out REZ -CONNECTIONS!

Visit Arizona Music Pro website for all your musical needs at:

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Belinda Corcovelos
(951) 566.7501

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