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Frank Palangi Brings Hard Hitting, Energetic Rock To His Sophomore EP "I AM READY"


Born and raised in upstate New York, Frank is a dynamic performer and forward thinking artist. Frank's inspiration stems from his hardships leading to thought-provoking and influential material for his music. With radio ready, full throttle rock tracks, his music brings immediate attention grabbing and undeniably powerful tunes. Frank has expertly tailored his sound to be unique to him, while leaving his songwriting open to interpretation. This allows listeners to find inspiration and hope in the wild instrumentation and authentically honest lyrics. He's already seen a steady rise in popularity, with radio airplay and write-ups in media and magazines such as Guitar World, and a feature on Fox 23 News. Opening for acts like Fuel, Trapt and Young Guns, it's no surprise that he has built a steady fan base that he is dedicated to staying connected with. He placed in the Top 50 artists in the Grammy Live contest 2012 and won "Best In The Region" for acoustic acts in his local paper. All these achievements have led up to the writing and recording of his sophomore EP. "I AM READY," produced by Nashville record producer Rob Coates (Burning Yesterday, St Chaos Project), ushers in a new era for Frank Palangi as a solid modern rock artist. Shying away from traditional tone and instrumentation, Frank focuses on a robust and invigorating sound all his own. With entering the EP in this years Grammy's as well, the future is wide open for this determined artist.

On the title track "I AM READY," there's an ever rising instrumentation, building to an explosive chorus as Frank's wailing vocals throw themselves over the hard hitting drums. Built upon intense guitar work that amplifies the intensity, the listener can feel the desperation that lies within the lyrics themselves. A song about never giving up, it's a melodic progressive rock song that is sure to shake the foundation of rock radio. A track that personifies Frank's ever building passion and drive to succeed, infiltrating every aspect of the song until it comes to blistering end. With "Turn It All Around" Frank touches on the frustrating feeling that comes from someone who turns everything around on someone else, alienating themselves from everyone around them with their twisted versions of the truth. With his rumbling and distinctive lower ranger showcasing itself brilliantly, it perfectly fits the clattering, rugged, and decidedly alive instrumentation that rises and falls with each chorus. The emotional ballad, "Frozen" exemplifies Franks authentic honesty and his willingness to show blatant emotion in his songwriting. A heavily guitar based song, there's an atmospheric quality to Franks low simmering vocals. The track exposes the passionate despair he harbors in the loss of faith in another person and in himself. It remains one of the stand-out tracks on the EP, a cornerstone of who Frank is as a songwriter. On "Thank You" he returns to the electrifying, full throttle rock sound that defines him. With slamming drums and an enthralling vocal performance that's pitted up against a wild electric guitar, it's a piece of music that you lose yourself in as a listener. As the bridge rockets into power chord after power chord Frank loses himself in the vocals, exposing himself as a true rock star. The last track, "Boohoo," easily sets itself apart from all the others. It's ample with dense riffs and tight rhythms, grooving from beginning to end with a rock/country twist. There's an obvious progression from the brisk vocals to stomping grandeur, making it perfectly clear that Frank feels no remorse for the subject of the song. Full of rock swagger and intensity, Frank Palangi has crafted a mainstream rock album that is unique in it's lyrical exploration. "I AM READY" is an album sure to astound it's listeners. It's intense and powerful sound is sure to turn some heads of achieving an emerging artist sound and gain notice.

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