Music Industry News Network [09-24-2013]

Spirit Family Reunion Keeps The Energy Alive At Avatar Studios


The Deli Magazine is a leading music website that tracks the NYC music scene and the scene in ten other major cities, through daily reports and blogs. It also produces two quarterly publications that feature up and coming bands and songwriters, sharing news and updates about the most popular bands across various musical genres.

Each year, The Deli Magazine releases a list of Emerging Artists for their "Best of NYC Poll." Ballots are cast and the top three artists are chosen from a panel of professionals, representatives of various music venues and individuals within the industry select the most outstanding bands with the most unique sound and strongest fan base.

This year, the top three bands were awarded ten hours of recording at Avatar Studios. Formerly the Power Station, it is renowned for its professional recording capabilities and has been a go-to production studio for Jazz, Rock, Country, Blues, Film, Television and Broadway projects with over 400 Gold and Platinum albums and a host of Grammys.

On August 1, the runner-up band Spirit Family Reunion stepped into Studio B to record several songs. Fresh off of a performance in Washington, DC and a set that stunned audiences at the Newport Folk Festival, Brooklyn based Spirit Family Reunion brought their unique mix of Appalachian and bluegrass folk to the studio. They proved that there is no limit to the power of a tight composition and that a washboard, banjo and whistling vocals, can be a dangerous weapon that will have listeners on their feet for hours.

Led by fiddler and vocalist Mat Davidson, Spirit Family Reunion is backed by the score of washboard player Stephen Weinheimer, Maggie Carson on the banjo, drummer Peter Pezzimenti, bassist Ken Woodward and guitarist Nick Panken. Whether you find yourself at Williamsburg Music Hall or at a barn dance looking over a beautiful sunset, Spirit Family Reunion will have you stomping your feet until the cows come home.

Washboard extraordinaire Stephen Weinheimer expressed his reaction over The Deli Magazine nomination, "We were surprised that we won."

Weinheimer elaborated, "I knew Avatar was the old Power Station so when we found out that we were coming in, I! It's pretty incredible that we're playing here."

Throughout the day Spirit Family Reunion was hard at work, powering through an unexpected nine songs during the ten hours that they made Avatar their home. They smoothly pushed through the difficulties of being back in a studio. Weinheimer explained, "Normally we don't rehearse and we just play live together so it can be a challenge to stay connected, but this is such an awesome studio space to record in and the staff has been really amazing, we are getting through a lot."

During a lunch break the band had a chance to tour the studio, "We got to walk over to Studio A and to see all of the history of people who have recorded here so it has been really incredible, there's just a tremendous energy that you feel."

The spark that has brought many famed artists into the studio was carried on as Spirit Family Reunion tightly recreated their sounds of revival and blues. It's certain that the legacy and tradition that has been created will continue after Spirit Family Reunion heads back to Brooklyn and into a music hall near you.


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