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The Largest Ever Ear Training Library Now Available As A Free App For IPhone And IPad


7th November 2013, London. Music education technology company Easy Ear Training has today released an enormous library of ear training information for musicians in a free app for iPhone and iPad.

Since its launch in 2010 the website has become the leading provider of free ear training information online, publishing over 300 articles, tutorials and downloadable resources for modern ear training.

These resources cover every aspect of developing your musical ear, from the basics of pitch and singing in tune, through classic topics like intervals and chords, to the most desirable skills like creative improvisation and playing by ear.

Easy Ear Training was started in 2009 with the launch of the best-selling iOS app "RelativePitch". With today’s release of the new app, the company returns to these iOS roots, bringing the enormous library of ear training material they have developed over the last few years right into the pocket of every iPhone- or iPad-owning musician worldwide.

With the app, musicians have convenient access to a vast library of ear training information written by a team of expert musicians and music educators. They can explore dozens of topics to find material that is highly relevant to their musical life and at just the right level for them. Favourite articles can be easily shared or saved for offline reading later, and the app is automatically updated with the latest material from the website which publishes a new article every week.

Founder Christopher Sutton says "At Easy Ear Training our mission is to make ear training fun, easy and accessible to all. Ear training can bring enormous benefits to a musician, but the traditional methods often lead to disappointment and frustration. With this new app we're excited to introduce a whole new generation of musicians to the modern way to do ear training, which ensures it's always enjoyable and highly practical."

The app offers articles for musicians at every stage of their learning journey, from the beginner stage through intermediate and advanced skill development. Articles feature audio clips which bring to life the musical listening skills being taught.

Also included in the app:

• Access to a free ear training "Crash Course" teaching everything a musician needs to get started with ear training.

• Training on the audio listening skills required for musicians to produce their own studio-quality recordings.

• Dozens of ear training "FAQs": answers to those burning questions that plague many musicians as they set out to improve their ears, such as "How can I hear what chord comes next in a song?", "How long does ear training take?" and even "What if I'm tone deaf?"

Since its launch in 2010, over 300,000 musicians have visited the website and the company's range of iOS apps have reached another 230,000. Today these two worlds merge, as the vast library of ear training resources is brought from the website to the world of mobile apps.

The app is available now in the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad. Search the iTunes App Store for “”.


Download the new app:


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