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YouTube® Drumming Pioneers Cobus Potgieter, Meytal Cohen And Luke Holland To Perform On World Premier Webcast— Exclusively On



Cobus Potgieter, Meytal Cohen and Luke Holland, three of the most watched drummers on YouTube and, with nearly 250 million views between them, perhaps the planet, are featured on an educational and entertaining special event that will be webcast from the world-famous studios in Oxnard, California on Saturday, November 30, 2014 at 4:00 PM Pacific time.

While drummers and other musicians have historically played-along with radio, records, CDs and MP3s in order to improve their drumming, Cobus, Meytal and Luke are among the leaders of a new generation of players that have created a new version of the play-along— the “drum cover video”— and inspired thousands of their peers to pick up a video camera along with a pair of drumsticks. For those who may be unfamiliar with the activity, “doing a drum cover” involves selecting a popular song and learning the original drum part, then playing a new drum part on top of the existing track while recording the audio and video of the performance and uploading it to YouTube or one of the other video sharing platforms.

“Today, drum covers are often over-valued by the younger generation and under-valued by the older ones,” says Cobus. “Our goal is to explain how and why drum cover videos have become an important part of being a drummer but that they are only one part. Playing along with someone else’s music is a means to an end. Not an end in itself.”

The exclusive Drum Channel show features individual and group performances by the three drummers, including World Premiers of new drum videos by Cobus (“The Moment” by Ventura Lights) and Luke (“Killin’ It” by Krewella) as well as a sneak peek of a performance from Meytal’s upcoming DVD release, “Maximum Meytal”.

During the course of the show Cobus, Meytal and Luke also discuss how and why they started making drum covers, how they add personality to their performances, the role drum covers play as an educational and career development tool and what motivates them to continue to grow as drummers and musicians beyond their YouTube fame.

The webcast is available free on, the world’s top drum education website, and is viewable on all Apple and Android mobile devices as well as Mac and Windows laptops and desktops.

Drum Channel is a state-of-the-art provider of a wide variety of interactive drum education content, including which features 100’s of lessons, lesson plans and live events as well as Drum Channel’s traditional DVDs and Digital Video Downloads (available at


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