Music Industry News Network [02-10-2014]

Indie Rock Band Hooyoosay's Presents Two Songs In One Music Video



Indie rock band hooyoosay has delved in deeper into their quirky sense of music by releasing a music video for two of their most recognizable songs within one video. The band referred to as having "no ego" have creatively done away with band image and stereotypes and in a quixotic way have established themselves with a new generation of pure, music lovers. Their new music video has the singles "Come On" and "The under assistant West Coast promotion man" and have allocated an image filled, story driven visual for them.

The video doesn't give you time to react, as the viewer is thrown into the deep end with hooyoosay's guitar riffs and sad lyrics from their break-up theme song "Come On". In the video you see a young gentlemen full of distraught and sadness as he stumbles across the streets in a lull state of mind in which images of the band quickly replay in the back of his mind as if he just came from one of hooyoosay's concert. The song has a retro-pop feel to it that fits the video perfectly; as the song relates to how sudden the break-up happened and even shows flashes of the girl he used to be with. In a typical fashion, the music video for "Come On" visually connects with listeners who have gone through that phase of romance that nobody is fond of, just that this time there's a musical video to reinforce it.

The music video then eclectically changes into the next title deemed "The under assistant west Coast promotion man". The playful theme of music continues on into the next video but pertains mostly on the daily life of a promoter. Though it's mostly static pictures of countless bands and musicians, it artistically portrays a life of a man who is constantly trying to hustle their way to the top and the viewer is again bombarded with the concert from the hooyoosay played in the previous music video.

Overall the music video does away with commercial music videos and adds a kaleidoscope of images and sounds thrown in together for a music video that adds both a creative story and artistic depth. hooyoosay doesn't care for the ego, it only caters to what art they feel is necessary to express and the music video for "Come On" and "The under assistant West Coast promotion man" does an exceptional job in moving their careers forward into their vision of success.


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