Music Industry News Network [02-26-2014]

SOUNDMATCH, A Social Media Music Platform


Soundmatch is bringing a revolutionary platform to reality in the new music industry. Under one and the same roof we offer a complete ecosystem dedicated to helping music artists further their professional careers and achieve success.
Soundmatch provides a streamlined range of professional solutions designed and created just for our music artists and their fans. Dedicated to fan-funded project development, promotion and marketing, we offer an extensive range of custom-made promotional tools, to help artist recognition on a local, national, and international level to support our artists' music journeys.
It is a place where music enthusiasts can discover new artists through active fundraising projects and Soundmatch radio and charts. Not only can fans help artists but Soundmatch can support capital raise funding for their projects.
Our professional artist tools offer a powerful range of streamlined services to help our artist's projects, and boost their careers. We offer artists the opportunity to showcase their talent through our website and the option to purchase music applications and services, artists can find tools to help produce, complete mastering prior to distribution and sell their work worldwide, while developing their careers and their audience
As a record label, Soundmatch will serve as an artist's project advisor, developing a full- scale launch plan with our team, once the artist successfully funds his/her project.
Soundmatch artists are always in control of their career while given the choice of starting an Open or Label fan funding campaign for their project.
An "Open Project" allow artists the freedom to raise funds and enter into any deal they wish with other music labels, management, or publishing companies, with no ties to Soundmatch. Conversely, Soundmatch offers a "Label Project" option to raise funds, where the artists' projects would be in a 3- year exclusive deal with Soundmatch to act as the managing label, taking the artist to the next stage of their career.
Soundmatch artists always retain 100% ownership of their created works while maintaining complete freedom over their project creation and production. Artists will always choose to give what they wish as rewards to their fans, and have the choice to start either an Open or Label project. In addition, all related music businesses can reach artists by advertising directly to musicians using our classifieds industry listing.
In adition to being a Music Company, Soundmatch is also a technology practitioner.
The Company’s services include; user-interface design, online services and 24-7 music. Soundmatch takes advantage of the company’s expertise and experience in:
- Online and Social Media Strategy
- Technology Strategy and implementation
- Digital production
Soundmatch intends to become the premier Global end-to-end online music specific 24/7 portal for music, setting a benchmark and standard in the industry by providing, an expert performance and innovation to its operation.
Soundmatch provides a low cost decentralized team using enthusiastic music professionals and molding them to the Soundmatch style guide. Costs and overhead are kept to a minimum by finding the best team around the world and allowing the internet to make them a key part of the team. The core differentiator for the company is around its values in quality music content.
By offering a full range of products and services, and plans for streaming of live music will strategically position Soundmatch. Delivering these services, the company will provide solutions to musicians and at a level of individual customization and personalization.


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