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New Age Classical Keyboardist Don Slepian Inks Deal With MusicDish*China



Renowned New Age Classical Keyboardist Don Slepian has inked a promotion and tour deal with MusicDish*China, a firm dedicated to developing artists interested in breaking into the Chinese music market. MusicDish will build and manage Don's social media in China on platforms such as Sina's Weibo, Douban and Weixin (WeChat), set up music distribution, artist collaborations and opportunities for live performances.

As a veteran of the music industry, Mr. Slepian has been hailed by Rolling Stone Magazine as "one of the genre’s major talents". His career spans three decades across the globe, including appearances in the US, Europe, Singapore and other parts of Asia. Artist in Residence at Bell Laboratories as well as synthesizer soloist in standard classical ensembles, Mr. Slepian combines classical music with the latest in music technology. His extensive catalog has been called the "Classical Music of the Future."

Of the partnership with MusicDish China, Mr. Slepian says, "I grew up with Chinese culture during my years living in Hawaii. This will be like returning home." MusicDish China President Eric de Fontenay was quoted as saying, "Don is a unique artist whose music has a major potential in countries like China and Taiwan in view of their deep appreciation for both classical music and technology" about bringing Mr. Slepian on board as part of their roster.

About Mr. Slepian (
Don Slepian, Electronic Keyboardist, combines unique skills in music and electronics with a lifetime of improvised keyboard music performance. Working in Renaissance, Baroque, and Romantic genres, he performs original classically-styled music on computer instruments of his own design.

About MusicDish China (
MusicDish*China serves as a bridge between East & West, working on events featuring award-winning Taiwanese acts in Paris and NYC since 2011 as well as providing distribution/marketing and touring tours in China for Western acts. MusicDish*China has partnered with key events, from Midi and Zebra festivals to the Sound of the Xity conference that, in combination with its social media presence, has given it a unique brand positioning in the market. MusicDish*China has signed Taiwanese acts DJ Code, RED, Bearbabes and NY-based Hsu-nami for international development and management. Founder Eric de Fontenay has been quoted in media as diverse as FT China and China Daily to Portugal's DIF magazine, and was featured in The Beijingers' 2012 Music Issue.

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