Music Industry News Network [03-01-2014]

WiMP Continues Expansion Of HiFi Streaming Service


Music service WiMP releases the highly anticipated new desktop version, bringing three key new features to its existing HiFi mobile users. The new desktop application supports WiMP HiFi, features WiMP magazine in-app and provides extended track info to show who created the music.

Superior sound quality on all devices - HiFi now on desktop
WiMP is the only music service in its markets providing lossless sound quality. WiMP HiFi was launched in October and thousands of users have already signed up for this first-class music service that streams at more than twice the bit rates as what competitors offer. The service now provides lossless sound quality to all devices, mobiles, tablets, network players and from today also to PC and Mac.

"There has been a much higher demand for WiMP HiFi than what we have anticipated. That said, it's not surprising given the growth of high end stereo equipment and headphones," says WiMP CEO Andy Chen. "Music lovers have started to evolve beyond the simple need of access to music on demand and they care a lot more about the experience in which they enjoy music. HiFi is the HD of sound - once people have the higher end equipment they naturally seek out services that can provide the highest sound quality possible in streaming. We are proud to introduce the new desktop support today, making it even easier for people to listen to music the way it was intended."

Read and listen - the unique in-app WiMP magazine
WiMP is lauded for its original editorial content, with local editors providing daily news, recommendations, playlists, interviews and much more. WiMP takes the experience one step further on desktop with the in-app magazine. This allows users to listen to the music while enjoying feature articles, interviews, background stories or simply just a presentation of what's playing. Or the other way around, take a deep-dive behind the scenes while listening.

Find out more about who created the music
Fans can also dive deeper behind the scenes to find out more about the creation of the music. Today's update introduce for the first time extended track info, presenting song writers, composers, producers and performing artists on tracks and albums.

"Music discovery is not just about finding new songs but very often, it is also about learning beyond the artist and understanding why a track or an album sounds the way it does and who is behind it. We think it's about time that songwriters, composers, producers and performing artists also get featured in our service and we're sure that it will give people a much deeper connection to their favorite songs to discover new favorites," says Chen.

Music videos - a multi-media music entertainment service for the future
Music is a multi-media experience and is not limited to only pure audio or video but a combination of both plus more. With the launch of HiFi as the anchor, WiMP will further redefine the music streaming experience with the inclusion of music videos into its service.

The first experience of this future will be introduced with the beta launch of a video only editorial channel that will feature new popular music videos inside WiMP. The beta launch will be limited to Android users only with other clients following in the near future.

"We are only at the beginning of redefining what a music subscription really means to the modern day consumer. Of course we have a long way to go, but WiMP aims to become the leader in providing multimedia music entertainment" says Chen.


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