Music Industry News Network [04-26-2014]

RABBL Announces Fan-Generated Crowdsourcing For Concerts



RABBL, the leading U.S. service for crowdsourcing concerts and the world's first social booking platform, announced today its latest website addition, Fan Rabbls. This new service allows fans to prove real demand for their favorite artists and puts fans at the center of potentially every booking decision in live music.

Before RABBL, fans were only able to request a band play their hometown by commenting on the band's Facebook page, or through similar social media interactions, though such comments are unspecific as to dates and not backed by financial commitment. Fan Rabbls are designed to sharpen this blurred line, by proving real demand and financial offers to artists regarding where to perform, even if a city is off the beaten path.

"Most of our team grew up in small towns so we know how hard it is, as music fans in out-of-the-way cities, to catch your favorite bands live without driving hundreds of miles," says Wade Lagrone, CEO & Co-Founder of RABBL. "It's exciting that we've built a free tool that empowers music fans nationwide to see the bands they like in the places they want."

In order to create a Fan Rabbl, users can easily install the free Facebook App direct from by clicking the blue "Sign in with Facebook" button at the top right corner of the page. Once installed, the "My Account" link in the header brings up the application, allowing fans to create a Fan Rabbl by simply inviting the artist. The fan simply needs to list the city and date for the show, the name of the artist, and-if the artist isn't already using RABBL-the artist's booking or management email address.

The rest is handled by RABBL. Using proprietary technology, RABBL calculates what that artist would typically earn, and then sends an invitation to the artist on behalf of the fan, giving the artist the chance to approve, ignore or edit the Fan Rabbl. If the artist approves, the rabbl is published and fans can vote by reserving tickets. If enough tickets are reserved to meet the artist's goal, the show can be booked. If the show happens, RABBL adds a small service fee on tickets to cover credit card processing, and the fan that created the Fan Rabbl gets two free tickets.


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