Music Industry News Network [05-05-2014]

Song And Art Unite And Come Alive In New Video


Mad July has released a new video for their song “Never Goin’ Back to the Gravity.” Joy Corcoran’s original art and some video magic put you inside a stunning vision of the mystically empowering place described in the song. It’s a beautiful, childlike, exotic place to escape the gravity of reality. It’s a place where imagination becomes real, where you can “dance on space dust,” “surf the vacuum” and “bathe in healing warm celestial light.”

The song is from Mad July’s recent album, “Riding Gravity.”

Joy’s paintings are ink and watercolor and a bit of oil pastel. The video uses animation and other techniques to give the art life and motion and new perspective, but each full painting is also given plenty of time for its moment in the spotlight.

Watch video:

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