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The surge of electronic music production artistry in India has produced a lot of new talent, as well as a growing arena for established artists to refine their craft. Ashish Sachan, AKA Hashback Hashish, is very much a product of that. Now, he is set to take his music to another country that has been in the midst of a parallel surge of creativity: China.

Rana Ghose, director of REProduce, feels this tour as much about exposing Chinese audiences to what's happening in Delhi as it is about collaborating with a like minded group of curators, Sinotronics. "When Teddy Boy Kill and myself went to tour China in November 2013, we were all blown away by the sheer volume and scale of the music scene there. Here in India, we don't really have a clue about whatís going over there; I donít think the most of the world really does either. We met many amazing like minded people, and are now working towards a longer term series of collaborations. Sinotronics places curation as a top priority in terms of a musical experience, and we mesh really well. So, consider these five dates for Hashback as another iteration in a movement towards more regular programming exchanges between the two countries."

Ashish is "elated at being given this opportunity and I definitely plan to make the most of it. China is a huge bank of unexplored talent when it comes to music. However, I feel that this talent is restricted to the borders and not much collaborations have happened on this front. Which is why I would love to go there and explore opportunities to work with the artists. There is a lot to learn and I hope to absorb as much as I can in these 15 days. China was always there on my checklist and I had always been waiting to be given an opportunity like this."

Sinotronics founders Markus M Schneider and Josh Feola are equally excited at the opportunity. "Meeting Teddy Boy Kill at the 2013 Dong Dong festival in Beijing really opened my eyes to what's happening in the Delhi underground music scene," says Feola, who visited Delhi in February and met a group of the city's most progressive musicians, DIY bookers, and producers, including Ashish. "We're extremely excited for Hashback's China tour, and constantly looking for ways to keep the flow of music and ideas going between both countries."
"We are both ó in India and China ó operating at sub-cultural grounds, what you might call the musical underground. We hope to open a door for musical encounters of all kinds between both countries, capable of opening a new dimen- sion of access and creative accidents," adds Schneider.
Between May 31 and June 8, Ashish will play five dates, ranging from small, intimate gatherings, to a date at the emerg- ing place to be in Shanghai, an erstwhile civil defense structure now appropriately named as "Shelter".

31/05/2014 - Beijing (The Other Place)
04/06/2014 - Beijing (Dada)
05/06/2014 - Shanghai (Shelter)
06/06/2014 - Shenzhen (B10)
07/06/2014 - Hong Kong (Ping Pong 129)


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