Music Industry News Network [05-31-2014]

SOCAN Unveils World's First Music Industry Trophy/Musical Instrument


Is it a musical instrument? Is it a work of art? Is it a music industry trophy? In fact, it's all of those things and more, as SOCAN unveils the first known music industry trophy that is as much a musical instrument as a prestigious award.

Created in partnership with New Brunswick-based percussion instrument maker SABIAN and Society Awards of New York, "The SOCAN" will be presented to the Special Achievement Award recipients at the 25th anniversary SOCAN Awards on June 16, 2014, at the Harbour Castle Westin in Toronto.

The SOCAN trophy integrates five SABIAN crotales, tuned percussion instruments consisting of small disks made by hand with SABIAN's proprietary, centuries-old bronze formula. The five SABIAN crotales produce five notes (G-C-G-E-C), working this year with the C-major scale, reflecting the prominent middle-C in SOCAN. The five crotales integrate into an elegant, artistic trophy design, with three straight gold-plated steel rods holding the instruments, and an elegantly curved gold band supporting the instrument, suggestive of the S in SOCAN. A striker for the crotales is also part of the musical trophy, which can also be laid horizontally when played.

Academy Award-winning composer (Life of Pi) and SOCAN member Mychael Danna, when he visited the organization's offices in early May to assess The SOCAN, says: "The SOCAN is iconic and appropriate: a music instrument for a music award. It's going to go not on a trophy shelf, but in my studio, miked and played on a future composition."

Society Awards, a company that has designed and produced trophies for some of the world's most prestigious events, including the Golden Globes, the MTV Awards, and the Grammy Awards, was immediately struck when introduced to the singular vision to combine musical instrument with glittering trophy. "The SOCAN is awesome," says David Moritz, CEO of Society Awards. "SOCAN had a great vision and it worked. This is a musical-sculpture-trophy; it's everything SOCAN wanted. It's inspiring."

The vision for the musical-instrument-trophy started with SOCAN and the ensemble collaboration with Society Awards and SABIAN ultimately produced the final design. The SOCAN trophy will be presented at every SOCAN Awards event going forward, to individual SOCAN members as special achievement awards for their impressive career accomplishments.

"SOCAN's collaboration with Society Awards and SABIAN has resulted in SOCAN delivering another first for the music industry," says SOCAN CEO Eric Baptiste. "Songwriting and composition achievements with a trophy that makes melodies. Receiving a SOCAN is a crowning accomplishment for music creators."

While the 2014 SOCAN trophy works with notes in C-major, in future years it will be "tuned" by a prominent SOCAN member, who will personally select his or her five notes to be produced by SABIAN's crotales. "Le SOCAN" will be presented also at SOCAN's annual gala in Montreal for special achievement in Francophone music creation, on Dec. 2, 2014.


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