Music Industry News Network [06-30-2014]

New Cloud-Based Music Collaboration Platform Released By Soundtrap



The music-tech startup Soundtrap announced the release of the new version of their already popular and groundbreaking music collaboration site. The announcement was made in San Francisco where Soundtrap will be featured at Google I/O 2014, today June 26.

Soundtrap enables musicians and songwriters to create music and jam together, in an easy and user-friendly way, using just a browser on a multitude of devices. Finding time for rehearsing, creating music or just jamming is often a hard nut to crack. And even if you find the time, you might not have your band members or music collaborators nearby, and furthermore, often you do not even know people to play or record with. These obstacles often make musicians miss out on many creative moments.

"With Soundtrap, the collaborative and creative process can continue to flow, regardless of where you or your fellow musicians or songwriters are located", says Per Emanuelsson, partner and CMO of Soundtrap.

Soundtrap connects the world of musicians and songwriters, delivering high-fidelity recording and jamming possibilities in a cloud-based, user-friendly way. Some of the key features are: full-featured guitar and bass amps and effects, analog synthesizer and sampled instruments, video chatting allowing online jamming, track importing, editing, sharing of music to Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, etc.

Since Soundtrap is cloud-based and works on many different devices, you can start making your new recording on your iPad, mix it on your laptop, and add that new vocal melody that suddenly popped up when you are on the run, just using your Nexus 5 phone.

Soundtrap can be used either as a collaborative recording tool, a songwriting sketchpad, a platform for music education or as a social community for musicians, songwriters and their fans.


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