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One of the big announcements of this year happened back in March when former YES vocalist, Jon Anderson, revealed he had teamed up with session guitarist/producer Michael Lewis to co-found a band with jazz-fusion violinist Jean Luc Ponty. The name "INVENTIONING" was unveiled, websites were launched, and everyone in the prog community had something new to speculate about.

Michael explained: “I started working with Jon in January of ’07 and I had this vision early on. I was writing and producing these songs in hopes that someday we would get to perform them together, live."

While producing ‘Some People,’ a song I had co-written with Jon, I asked Jean-Luc Ponty to cut a violin track on it — which led to an offer from Jean-Luc’s management for Jon and me to do a U.S. and world tour with Jean-Luc. I first raised the concept of the band with Jon while hanging out at his hotel during one of his visits to Seattle in 2012. But he was reluctant to get back into a band situation at that time.

“When YES was nominated for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame last year, I again approached Jon about touring with me and my group of Nashville players who had played on the recordings I had produced for us. This time, Jon felt he was ready to tour with a band again. I arranged for Jon to meet Jean-Luc’s manager. Afterwards Jon told me ‘We are a band!’ And Inventioning was born.”

Fast forward to July 25th, (a few days after the North American release of YES' Heaven and Earth project,) Jon and Jean Luc announced they had formed the Anderson-Ponty band with no mention of their withdrawal from the original Inventioning concept.

While focus and debate raged on about the new A-P band, folks speculated over the remains of Inventioning and its most accessible voice, Michael Lewis.

Michael wasn’t just the co-founder, producer, guitarist and Facebook spokesperson; he was also financing the entire endeavor on his own. But the split didn’t slow Lewis from continuing to develop what has now become his band — Inventioning. Far from it. It has now been revealed that a number of songs co-written with Jon were in varying stages of development in Lewis’ studio.

Inventioning has announced they will be releasing the project Michael is producing under the title “Affirmation.” Driven by his passion for the music, Michael plans to complete the project with the original musicians who worked on the other songs. “There is a financial burden, but I’ve invested so much time and money; I’m not about to stop now! We've got the players in place and we plan to follow up the release with a series of tours next year."

Two clips from the new project will be revealed on 8.14.14. The first song, “Walking Talking,” will be available as a single on iTunes in the coming weeks. This song is reminiscent of the Anderson-Bruford-Wakeman-Howe project (1989), but with a totally contemporary 2014 sound and beat to it, which will excite both old and new prog-rock fans. Jon Anderson’s vocals have been sorely missed in the prog-rock genre for such a long time, but this new song shows he still has the chops to deliver with both speed and a full rock band alongside him.

So who is currently in the band? There’s Inventioning’s co-founder Michael Lewis on guitars and keyboards on the current recordings. Michael has been a session player and International performer for over 25 years. Lewis grew up as a YES fan and is intimately familiar with their entire catalog.

Bridgette Lewis brings a powerful, young voice to fill the big shoes of lead vocalist. Bridgette and Michael have been performing RnB/Blues and covers under the band name One Street Over for a number of years. Bridgette sang the original demos that Michael produced for the project and is featured on background vocals when Jon is singing lead.

Holding it all down on drums is Grammy Award-winning Nashville session pro, Brian Fullen. Bass will be covered by acclaimed Nashville jazz-fusion bassist, Adam Nitti.

The keyboard slot for Inventioning is not formerly confirmed, though Michael plans to work with L.A. session keyboardist Alessandro Bertoni on a few tracks to see how they gel. Bertoni shares Michael’s passion for Prog Rock, Jazz Fusion and the Hammond B3.

Prog fans, you've got something special to look forward to here.
More news on this project coming soon…


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