Music Industry News Network [08-14-2014] Streaming Display Of Decay’s Brainwashing Track ‘Manchurian Candidate’



Edmonton, AB based death metal trio turned four piece Display of Decay has teamed up with to stream their latest single, ‘Manchurian Candidate’, which holds the key to massive subliminal infection for all who sample it here:

Their upcoming EP ‘Outbreak of Infection’ is scheduled to be unleashed August 26, 2014 with two live festivals paired around the same time. Additionally, the band’s live show is going to grow with the addition of a new guitarist, Jeremy Puffer, who also plays in Valyria.

Jeremy had this to say about joining the band, “Well I'm personally pretty excited on it as I have been a fan of them since I discovered the metal scene of Edmonton, I feel it’s a great opportunity to gain experience, see the band potentially evolve and immerse myself in the scene more. I admire their spirit of staying true and keeping to their roots and how humble they are as people. I'm also having a blast learning and playing their stuff, it’s nice to change things up and perform one of my favorite metal styles as their new guitarist.”

They welcome their new guitarist to perform live at Harvesting Hell with Origin and The Faceless an Edmonton Metal festival from August 22 – August 24 at The Pawn Shop Live.

EP Teaser Video -

EP Pre-Order Links:- |

Festival dates

Aug 22 - Edmonton, AB - The Pawn Shop - Harvesting Hell w/ The Faceless, Origin, Beyond Creation, Rings of Saturn, King Parrot, Fallujah, Archspire and more: Event link | Website | Tickets

Aug 31 - Drumheller, AB - Loud As Hell Fest w/ Protest The Hero, Titans Eve, Ninjaspy, Death Toll Rising and more: Event link | Website | Tickets

EP Cover - Display of Decay - Outbreak of Infection

Track Listing: Display of Decay - Outbreak of Infection
1. Born of Rot (3:37)
2. Manchurian Candidate (4:24)
3. Praise The Gore (3:30)
4. Outbreak of Infection (3:50)
5. Black Diamond (KISS cover) (3:13)

EP Length: 18:37

For more info, please visit these links:



In 2007, Edmonton, AB underwent one of the most notable natural disasters in history. An earthquake split the city in two, and chaos ran amok through the streets.

Alas…such things are bound to happen when DISPLAY OF DECAY takes the stage. Handcrafted by Hell’s most elite demons, DISPLAY OF DECAY is noted for bringing a unique blend of old school death metal, blended with tinges of thrash and doom metal. The band has spread their infection across Western Canada over the years, sharing the stage alongside other local elite acts such as, Disciples of Power and Into Eternity.

After unleashing three well received indie releases, DISPLAY OF DECAY is currently gearing up for their next follow up “Outbreak of Infection”, an EP featuring five brutal tracks that includes an annihilating rendition of KISS’ ‘Black Diamond’. Set to riot mosh pits officially August 26, 2014, DISPLAY OF DECAY is eagerly preparing to tour Western Canada in 2014 to promote their best work to date.


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