Music Industry News Network [05-08-2015]

Hae Bang Chon Festival Celebrates It's 10th Year Anniversary This May.


This year’s Hae Bang Chon (HBC) May Fest marks the 10th year anniversary of the much loved and established music festival. Taking place on Friday May 22nd and Saturday May 23rd, this definitive expat and international music festival invites a plethora of independent artists and performers from all over the country - and even other continents - to celebrate their love of music.

The HBC May Fest is ‘the’ independent music festival to kick-start the summer season. Now featuring over 115 live acts in eighteen independent venues, the acts are spread over two days, in the largest independent artist showcase of its kind in Korea.

The 100+ acts consisting of bands, solo artists, duos and acoustic bands offering a range of music genres, styles and tempos are on hand to entertain all festival goers.

The Fest has always adapted to the demands of both musicians and venues, and with that, the size and scope of the festival has fluctuated over the years. The tenth year anniversary sees the return of regular HBC venues: VFW, Phillies, Bonny’s Pizza Pub, Rock Frites, Puerto, Al Matto, Despresso, Hidden Cellar, Camarata Music, Genie Pub, Fat Cat, Rabbit Hole, and also KyungLi Dan venues; Craftworks, Southside Parlor, Pet Sounds, Kimchi Sounds, Maloney’s Pub, and Thunderhorse Tavern.

A singer songwriter afternoon will take place at Craftworks between 2pm-6pm Saturday May 23rd and Sunday may 24th before the Blues Jam from ‘Hangouver’ at Phillies Pub (hosted by the L.RD band) starts at 9pm. The HBC fest weekend being no exception, the Hidden Cellar will also continue with their ongoing Sunday acoustic performances between 7pm and 10pm

While many of the venues suit smaller acoustic acts, Phillies Pub, Camarata Music, Rabbit Hole, Thunderhorse Tavern, Kimchi Sounds, Southside parlor and VFW Canteen, are larger live band locations where the music is loud and rocking; probably due to the majority of the sound proofing in their basement locations.

Street level acoustic performers will entertain the busy bars while below ground, a plethora of rock, alt-rock, funk, blues, R&B bands will keep the air vibrant until 1am.

Although the festival brings a party atmosphere to HBC, meetings with the local authorities and DEELEEBOB Music have brought about caution in the streets: this is still not a street party. Police presence helps to keep people and the traffic moving while the music and the party stays inside the bars. HBC volunteers from Phillies, VFW, and Bonnys Pizza help as security members to assist in keeping the streets clear of parties and people, alongside the Police. Be supportive of the local Peace officers who are there. Just check the signs posted about traffic caution to do your part.

Finally, the HBC Festival is the success it is thanks to the support of the local places in Hae Bang Chon. Music sponsors include Sound Drive Amplifiers, Graphtech, Swing Guitars, Olympia Strings and Straps, along with all participating business owners are integral to the running of the shows. Reegan-Diehl explains their importance saying “the festival would not be a success without the open mind and support of many of the local businesses the area. We do encourage all owners to take part in some way. And we hope to make that a reality after this year’s May Fest 2015 for all of the Yongsan area”.

HBC Fest’s ten year anniversary promises to be a mile-stone celebration. This is one birthday party that everyone’s invited to.


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