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Skope Reviews Beyond From Within – "Today, Today"


A transmission from long ago, Beyond From Within’s “Today, Today” is an ode to late 60s psychedelic rock. Wrapped in a warped haze the song oozes with that era’s hope for the future. Lyrics further emphasize this sense of joy. Vocals are pitch perfect as Steve Andrews has the right amount of grandeur and mysticism. Melodies are infectious and linger long after the song has ended. Guitar work is admirable as it adheres to a specific acid rock aesthetic giving the song a far-out sound. Underneath the frayed spiky electric guitar is a much simpler yet equally effective acoustic giving the song a folk sensibility.

“Today, Today”

The drums introduce the song’s aesthetic. Sounds are dusty as if they have not been heard for years. Beyond From Within’s dedication to low fidelity helps to give the song an authentic sound. Layers upon layers of sound interact with each other giving the song an overall sense of comfort. As the piece continues Beyond From Within’s narrative appears to be fraught with difficultly. On one hand there is the need to interact with the natural world, to have the weather invite the singer outside, to have faith in the world. Yet on the other hand there is that need to participate in the modern world, all the frustrations like traffic jams and the need for material good like cars. The two opposing viewpoints reach no specific conclusion as this two forces govern lifetimes.

Beyond From Within’s “Today, Today” recalls the amazing sounds of a dearly missed musical movement. Thank goodness the entire album can be found right here.

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