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Bongo Boy Records Brings More Talent To Asia With Compilation Volume Eight



New album release
Bongo Boy Records, Belvidere, NJ USA

5 Stars overall!

Review by Sophia The Gypsy Poet | San Antonio, Texas USA

Bongo Boy Record Compilations Volume Eight is truly an amazing mix because of the mix of dance, EDM and Hip-hop and folk music.It honestly feels like a compilation made among friends! It is warm, inviting altogether and the music is driven with an aggressive but fun eurodisco beat! Even the folk songs fit into this compilation and it is worth the listen in every way because it is so filled with diverse and colorful sounds! Amazing material! If I had to pick favorites on this one, I wouldn’t be able to! It fits the mantra of the diversity of the music world that Bongo Boy displays!

Steve Ryan’s "Movin’ On” Electro Soul Remix" is just that! ELECTRIC! Feisty and Fresh, this track leaves you wanting to dance more and more! It has a Eurodisco drive that doesn’t stop! It is hard not to love for that reason alone! The guy has a voice to rock the soul! Truly, a fun track! Hmmm! I got aspirations for this one!

Valerie West’s "My Dreams” has a rock/folk feel to which is infectious and driven with a great beat to it. She surprisingly has soulful pipes! I admit, that her voice is addicting and perfect pitch that is hard to find! A rare gem for sure!

OnPlanetZu’s “My Kind of Party” is just that! A PARTY! This track has a great dance beat to it that is hard to avoid and it’s infectious! This is not only good, but it carries a power to it with its twist in the rhythms, which is a huge talent to attain! What makes this good is it goes from one beat to the next and it is a fun listen to anticipate the new beat that turns in the song! WOW! What a ride!

Yona Pax’s "Parfois J’Ai Envie De Crier” makes French beautiful. The music and lyrics make this song Jell like pure blissful love-making without the cigarette to suffocate. Truly, this song is intoxicating and you can still rock to it! LOVE IT!

Madison Charnigo “Stay Strong” is a song that keeps your soul toned with her perfect pitch and her soulful sound. It is pure music and worth the listen from the first note. Truly, a blast to listen to and much more! As the song evolves, so does Charnigo’s voice. Pure progression as the listener moves along and keeps the listener involved all the way through.

Concepts “Multiply” These guys… Two words. TIGHT FLOW. I loved them from the moment I saw them on Bongo Boy TV and I love them just as much now! Truly, this Duo from the DC area make rap music listenable, fun and fresh! These guys would even make Tupac proud for taking the time to change the world!

Deborah Henriksson’s “Calling” has a Celtic feel that I fell in love with from the first moment I heard it. Her openness in the song makes her a true artist. Her fusion of pop and Celt sounds blend so well in this song that it is infectious, beautiful and mystical and make for a colorful musical experience! It is hard not to embrace the old Celtic feel in her artistry. Beautiful!

Yona Pax’s “Wheya" is a blast from the get-go. It has a tango feel, with a pop sound which is fun to listen to! French and musical language truly fit in this song and this tune has a musical-style feel due to its orchestration of acoustic and electronic sounds. Pax’s rhythmic twists and turns make it worthwhile the listen, too! She has a sophisticated twist in her rhythms, which is a big plus for The Gypsy Poet. Pax is a true Bohemian for her fusions! KUDOS!

Mags’ “Knock” has a Natasha Beddingfield sound to it! This track has a rockin’ sound with upbeat Rhythms and a trademark sound with the slide guitars and its crisp rhythms! Truly a blast to hear and I cannot wait to get more of this! With a jazzy/blues feel to the vocal and electronic feel in the music, it has a great blend of color and crazy! I love it!

Eyez “Levitating” Does just that! Levitate! It has a great mix of R&B and a great jazz vocal to the song. This song is blast! Fresh, frisky and fun!

Allie Carroll “Knight In Shining Armor” is a hit for the records! This, too has a lovely melody with a country feel with a twist in the Rhythm! This song is contagious and I await to see this in a Hallmark film! Truly a fun listen and the twist in the Rhythm makes it all the worthwhile!

All in all, this album is fun, infectious with variety, frisk and flare! The best I have heard and substance worth sinking in!

5 Stars overall!

Review by Sophia The Gypsy Poet | San Antonio, Texas USA

This release is available in Asia as a digital album at KKBox, Omusic and other online retail sites in Asia.


1. Steve Ryan - Movin On ( Electrosoul Mix) 3:28
2. Valerie West - My Dreams 3:45
3. OnPlanetZu - My Kind Of Party 5:01
4. Yona Pax - Parfois J'Ai Envie De Crier 3:00
5. Madison Charnigo - Stay Strong 4:01
6. Conceptz - Multiply 3:19
7. Deborah Henriksson - Calling 3:23
8. Yona Pax - Wheya 4:24
9. Mags - Knock (Remix) 3:48
10. Eye'z - Leveitating (Remix) 3:33
11. Allie Carroll - Knight in Shining Armor 3:07

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UPC 685349938384 | Release Date March 29, 2016
Contact: Monique Grimme | Bongo Boy Records USA (908) 455-1576


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