Music Industry News Network [03-08-2017]

Fan-Powered Event Crowdsourcing Platform Stagelink Expands To The United States Of America


Fan-powered event crowdsourcing platform expands to the U.S. after concluding a seven-digit total seed financing including an extension. With Stagelink content creators of all kinds uncover fan demand for potential live appearances to produce successful, risk-free events and tours.

Stagelink uncovers U.S. fan demand

With the U.S. expansion, Stagelink is going to tackle the largest entertainment market in the world with a majority of all content creators based in Los Angeles, California. Globally, more than 10 million creators on YouTube alone reach about one billion subscribers every month. With Stagelink they are able to leverage a live potential of up to USD 50 billion.

"Coming to the U.S. is an important step for Stagelink's growth. Our analytics and promotion technology is able to predict ticket sales with an accuracy of 90%. Thus, Stagelink offers content creators a risk-free opportunity to organize unforgettable live events for their fans and generates additional revenue through ticket and merchandise sales.", says Stagelink CEO Nikolas Schriefer.

Stagelink: A smart platform for events

Considering the fragmented and highly intransparent entertainment industry, Stagelink offers a valuable platform by tracking fan-driven, real-time demand to plan, pre-finance, and de-risk tours. Compared to conventional promotion and ticket systems, Stagelink provides market intelligence, promotion and ticketing in a streamlined process. The fan-powered tour promoter crowdsources live events to plan risk-free tours according to fan demand by predicting ticket sales with precise accuracy. Based on real-time data, artists decide on cities and venues to perform in. As soon as shows are scheduled, Stagelink engages fans with targeted online promotion campaigns and turns them into ticket and merchandise buyers. Stagelink covers all analytics and online promotion at no charge. Artists or promoters pay a purely success-based fee depending on ticket sales without any hidden or additional costs.


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