Music Industry News Network [04-04-2017]

"Here Comes The Rain" By Ric Zweig


After a lengthy career as a Prosecutor, Criminal Defense Attorney, and Circuit Court Judge in Miami, Florida, now retired, Ric Zweig has resumed a musical career, once previously abandoned upon admis

As of March 2017, this is the fourth release of "Here Comes The Rain" in the form of a music video produced by Tony Colella. The song was taken yet again to another level when Angelo Caruso put the icing on the cake with his top notch musical orchestration. ​ ​

"Here Comes The Rain"​​ ​will take you on an emotional adventure as Ric Zweig's haunting voice croons over the passage of time, his loss of love throughout the years, and his propensity to face the storms of life (and death) with a ready and willing spirit of mortality.


The song was recorded for a third time when Tony Colella and Luis Salazar combined production forces and used Noise Match Studios to give the song another spin in 2016; this time featuring Tony's latest arrangement and ever growing vision for the song.

The first recording of the song was produced by Luis Salazar in 2014. The song was rearranged a year or two later by Tony Colella, and recorded live with Brian Murillo and Ric Zweig.

This aforementioned version can be heard at our Florida Singers Sound Cloud:


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