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Handshake & Ice Cream Helps Artists Monetize Their Facebook Followers



Artists and labels are continuously looking for new ways to have a presence in the daily lives of their fans. Traditional merchandise such as t-shirts, tote bags and stickers are great, but they hold very little novelty for today's fan when social media is generating increasingly short attention spans and information overload. But Americans remain a captive audience in their automobiles: According to the Census Bureau's American Community Survey, Americans spent an average of 26 minutes each way to work in 2014, which works out to a total of 1.8 trillion minutes commuting. And the commute grew about 24 seconds longer in 2015, extending their commutes 3 hours and 20 minutes longer than in 2014.

Leveraging this fact, Handshake & Ice Cream offers record labels and artists a novel way to immerse themselves in the daily lives of their fans: direct-to-customer custom car air fresheners. "Imagine a Metallica air freshener in the shape of their logo or Justin Bieber fans sporting an air freshener with his image and the text "I'M A BELIEBER."

Handshake & Ice Cream provide the full range of services necessary to sell and service Facebook followers, including Facebook ordering integration, order processing and direct-to-customer fulfillment, and back-end order and customer support. This allows labels and artists to monetize their fans by simply posting to Facebook while Handshake & Ice Cream handles the rest. Furthermore, an air freshener campaign will complement existing merchandising strategies by providing an artist or a label with an inexpensive product designed to convert sales and generate margin, all while capturing valuable customer data like email addresses, which can later be used for email campaigns to generate sales for higher ticket items such as album releases and concert tickets.

Handshake & Ice Cream is offering record labels an introductory promotion for their first artist at no initial cost as a means to test the concept. "We believe so much in the product and services we provide that we offer record labels and artists an introductory offer at no out-of-pocket expense. We will prepare a design concept and a small run of product to allow our customers to easily test the concept."

About Handshake & Ice Cream
Handshake & Ice Cream helps record labels and artists monetize Facebook Followers by offering a sales platform for products supported by its end-to-end solution that includes product manufacturing, direct-to-customer product fulfillment, and back-end order and customer support.

Contact information:
Isaac Christopher, Co-Founder & VP of Sales
Direct: (949) 242-9699 ext 2545


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