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Album Review: Richard Schroder - 'Drivin’'


A country music song which is literally about driving and what purpose there is behind each drive. The song is a romance, about a musician who is driving home to see his love. Tired of performing and ready to come home, he drives all night long, so he can have “that sweet kiss.” The theme of love/romance is common for country music. The softness of the instrumentals goes well with the idea of romantic love. Richard Schroder the singer of the song put a lot of time into perfecting the sound, with many re-writes. He strived for perfection with this song and his results was a really great, consistent and well written country song. It has the great country sound, with a fullness that doesn’t skip a beat. Also the action of making the long drives to go see his love is a great romantic gesture. It is a simple action however because it entails a lot of time spent it means a lot. Also this is a unique theme for a song and still retains the country feel of working to get something that you want. Or in this case, keep something that you have.
The picture that goes along with the song is cartoon-like. In the left corner of the picture there is a pick-up truck. The photo is zoomed out from the truck, so that the focus can mostly be on the truck’s headlights and the night sky above it. This effect works to make it appear as though the truck is moving. The quality of the cartoon also creates a misty effect, making it seem more like night-time. Also the green tint to the picture works to contribute to the night-time feeling. The album cover also goes well with the song and is interesting. Somehow the picture seems like it could move with the thoughtful wide look at the truck moving down the road at night.

The picture of him on his website is of his guitar and him in a plaid shirt with a smile on his face. The wooded background behind him is also a nice touch for this shot. The picture works to give a homey feeling to the website, which is what country music is all about. Also the about section of his website states that Drive took 2 years of being re-written to achieve its current state. Richard is a hard-working artist and is willing to go the extra mile for excellence.

All of these aspects make for a good country song. It’s a love song about a man driving home to go see his sweetheart. He is tired of being on the road and is ready to get home to see her. The album cover reflects the song well and the sound of the music is also good, which is to be expected from a man who takes 2 years to perfect a song. Re-writing and re-working it for all that time, instead of rushing to get something that is merely good enough out.

By Max Sternberg


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