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Social Music Network Allihoopa Separates From Propellerhead Software


STOCKHOLM, SE (September 14, 2017): Allihoopa, the world’s foremost global and collaborative music making service, today announced that the social music network has formally separated from music software company Propellerhead. Allihoopa CEO Timothy Self made the announcement.

Started as a sharing service within Propellerhead, Allihoopa, now a standalone company, is dedicated to building an interactive social network for people doing music, no matter their tool or platform. Award winning music apps, Figure and Take, also join as part of the Allihoopa business. Allihoopa will maintain key relationship elements with Propellerhead and integration with its flagship digital audio workstation, Reason.

“Allihoopa has no real direct competitors, but rather sees itself as a collaborative, music-making network that allows all competitors to be potential partners,” said Self. “As a social network geared towards the general consumer market it made sense to focus our efforts by spinning out from Propellerhead and creating a distinct business.”

Allihoopa is the only global collaborative media allowing users to connect with other music doers and artists worldwide. Self added, “For the music doer—no matter what their skill level, time commitment, or preferred genre, Allihoopa is an easy-to-use all-inclusive platform that redefines the meaning of collaboration. There are no geographic or creative boundaries – users can jump in and out as they please.”

"Throughout the building of Allihoopa, we've witnessed the product grow and evolve, reaching new audiences and music makers throughout the world," said Ernst Nathorst-Böös, CEO of Propellerhead. "As Allihoopa steps out on its own, the team at Propellerhead is excited to watch it continue to revolutionize the way people collaborate to make music on a global level. We look forward to listening to the millions of Allihoopa collaborations to come."

In addition to Propellerhead, Allihoopa has formed key partnerships with other like-minded companies and apps including Korg, MOOG and Soundtrap. Also music labels and artists can tap into Allihoopa’s global audience and technology for promotional purposes, recruit a new audience and engage directly with fans and users worldwide. Allihoopa users can freely use anything they find from the growing pool of over one million user-generated pieces. Allihoopa provides access to its platform through open APIs and software toolkits, enabling integration of any app or service.


About Allihoopa
Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden Allihoopa’s goal is to unite people doing music worldwide. Boasting key partnerships with Propellerhead, Korg and MOOG, amongst others, Allihoopa is a collaborative network designed for music doers no matter their skill set.


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