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Merrell Fankhauser's "Surf's Up" Radio Show Debuts To Big Numbers


Merrell Fankhauser's "Surf's Up" Radio Show Debuts to Big Numbers

International renown Surf Music Legend, Merrell Fankhauser debuts his new show from Grover Beach CA to surprisingly huge listening audience Worldwide.

SDC Digital Streaming Services of West Sacramento CA are still going through the numbers from Google's Analytics with surprising results to date with the "Surf's Up" Radio Show with Merrell Fankhauser from the California Central Coast.

So far, the numbers show high listeners in United Kingdom, New Zealand, Austrailia, Capetown, South Africa and the locals on terrestrial radio in Grover Beach California.

The second show has already been delivered for this past week and it is just as intense on Surf Music as the first show.

It appears to be a revival of sorts in Surf music. Fankhauser's new show started right off with the Impacts' "Grover Beach" to celebrate the start of the show and just went straight up from there.

Can you imagine, listening to the first Surf music stars that have not been played on the radio in ions. Of course, the show could not be without the lead surf music anthem for Surfers and young drummers, the all uptempo "WIPEOUT" written by Fankhauser and recorded by the Impacts and the cover version by the Surfaris, the Ventures, Dick Dale and other groups over the years, including an international television show of the same name.

SDC Digital decided to release the first shows on MixCloud in the United Kingdom, as Fankhauser has a large fan base throughout the European Continent, and it doesn't hurt any to have a village named after you too.

At present, Merrell is riding a great wave with the "outbreak" of "Into The Crater" from his 2009 CD Album that's getting airplay from major radio outlets worldwide. Other projects include the release of the second series of "The Lost Desert Tapes" from the legendary Glenn Records of Palmdale California. -30-


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