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Album Review: The Band Of The Hawk - '#BOHUP'


Hip Hop music had emerged back in the 1970’s in the United States among a tiny circle of African-Americans but has eventually gained popularity only after 1980’s when hip-hop music traveled places as musical artists anxiously started looking for a fresh music style. This increasing fame of Hip-Hop genre exposed many hidden musical talents from all over the world.

‘The Band of the Hawk’ is one such collection of competent hip-hop singers who have individually and collectively taken the level of hip-hop music to a completely different height.

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The Band of the Hawk has recently released their new album #BOHUP which is a compilation of some of the best creations by some extremely talented hip-hop artists. The album comprises of thirteen songs which are well synchronized into a stylish and rhythmic stack. Grynd Seazon along with Fullmetal F Dot carefully plays the introduction by acknowledging a tribe called Quest through its first song ‘Meditation’.

Commencing with a neat narrative, the song slowly fades into an impressive rap section curving the path towards the next set of an enlisted melodious array.

The second song ‘Animals’ by Juskwan and P.EY3 comes in a slightly darker shade. A curious feel of distress takes over as the bouncy rhythm and provoking lyrics pricks the inner corners of the heart. But before the heart could bleed to the dark melodious rap, ‘Check’ with Whoa Vada enters through a catchy melody and light-hearted lyrics.

The song uplifts the spirit of the distressed soul and gives a light drizzle on the dry path helping the next musical melody to touch us. ‘My N@@A’ and ‘Mocean’ featuring Noah Archangel, shows a tremendous amount of energy and confidence as the song unravels through distinct chorus portions. The journey from an anxious and dark thoughtful lyrical style to a punchy light rhyming rap could be found gloriously being covered with this collection of songs.

The next few songs to be mentioned are ‘No Disrespect’, ‘Bruce Lee’, ‘Take Your Pro’ and ‘Pyramids’. They collectively evoke an emotional turmoil as the notes glide from one to the other. The lyrical structure of the songs is optimistic and strongly defined.

The tempo of the beats is well measured with the rapping section which keeps the audience eager and engrossed into the melodious magic. The pinnacle of the collection comes with ‘Burberry Trench’ along Grynd Seazon’s lyrical implementation which creates a dusky yet emotional heft as the chorus expands in an incredible manner.

Finally summing up the whole collective art, ‘Redbone’ by Soulfire emerges through the distinct imprints of the memories that the songs have left behind. The remarkable journey of various evolving themes that this collective album takes eventually evokes an incredible potential in friendship, togetherness and a powerful swag that could ignite the darkest corners of the world.

Though being a collective effort from various skillful artists, #BOHUP has solely taken the precarious path of rap music to a really high standard.

- Jessica Spears


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