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Emiko Releases New Music Video Highlighting Survivors Of Sexual Abuse


By Vera Lugo
November 9, 2017

Los Angeles, CA -- Internationally-acclaimed award-winning songwriter Emiko has released a new music video giving voice to survivors of sexual assault. Called “I Believe You”, the video accompanies the launch of the “I Believe You Project” which brings together everyday survivors of sexual abuse, assault, harassment, and misconduct to tell their stories and be heard.

In the wake of all the incidences of sexual abuse, assault, harassment, and misconduct coming to light via Hollywood, both the “I Believe You” video and the project aim not only to raise awareness of these issues but to ultimately stop them from happening.

The 24 people who appear in the “I Believe You” video are themselves survivors and/or supporters of survivors and were gathered in one week, all volunteering their time and energy to speak out through this medium. Emiko and the “I Believe You Project” are currently in talks to partner with domestic violence organizations to create a platform from which survivors can share their stories and experience belief, support, and find resources.

Of the song and the whole project, Emiko remarks, “I wrote this song as a catharsis, really - back in July. Through my own experience surviving sexual assault and fighting for my voice to be heard, I found that countless women, children - and yes, some men - were disbelieved in a tremendous proportion. I was stunned. Coming forward with information of this nature takes a tremendous amount of courage, especially after going through it; to be disbelieved is like being kicked when you’re already down. I was just overwhelmed to learn how many people go through this on a daily basis. It’s way too common and I want to break the stigma, the shame, and the fear of surviving sexual assault and it seemed to me the first step was to actually believe people who came forward and it was clear many other survivors feel the same way. So the bottom line is this: just because someone doesn’t believe you, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.”

The “I Believe You Project” launches with the release of the official music video. The project will include other videos such as a documentary, interviews, etc. as part of the introductory resources which will be posted to the website ( The video itself can be viewed here:

For press inquiries or if you represent an organization who would like to partner with Emiko on this project, please contact:

Vera Lugo
Rose City Media Group
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