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New Single Review: Artist: Noah Archangel 'Black Lotus' Ft. Yeaux Majesty, Juskwam & DJ Thruvo


Black Lotus is The Band of the Hawk’s debut single in their 2017 session of their annual album release. The song itself is a collaboration between Noah Archangel, Yeaux Majesty, Juskwam and DJ Thruvo.

Black Lotus is one of the band’s most interesting songs to date. When listening to it, one doesn’t know whether to concentrate on the lyrics, the beat or the overall volatility of the gospel track.

The beats in Black Lotus are inspired by EDM, making this single the first of its kind from Houston-based Band of the Hawk. The pulsing beat along with the periodical cheers from singers in the background testify to the secularity of the song’s style, while still complimenting the musical creativity in making Black Lotus. And if those two are anything to go by, this song was made for a more youthful audience.

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From the first verse of Black Lotus to the last, listeners hear a consistent, fast-paced nod-your-head-to-the-song beat. The tune itself is vaguely haunting, bringing to mind the ethereal quality of the track and complementary sci-fi video that goes along with the song. Those who listen to House will have an easier time relating to this track because of the uniquely blended country and techno-trance beats.

A final note on Black Lotus: it’s a really relatable song that might appeal to a wider audience despite its tune. In Black Lotus, the Band of the Hawk remarks about living an inauthentic life, especially on social media, which is something numerous people can relate to. In each verse, the various rappers cum singers make a vehement stand against those who lead ‘unreal lives’, whom they call ‘posers’. Additionally, while the acoustic-quality vocals in the chorus and the smooth transitions between the singers make the song memorable, the old-school rap and evident rhyme make it a great song to sing along to (especially the Black Locus -- hocus-pocus part of it).

By Vince Rites


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