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Single Review: Leah Capelle - "Docs"


Leah Capelle is a Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter who dropped her newest single, “Docs,” on November 3rd. It’s a song about how materialism doesn’t fix you. Along with Capelle is Hayley Brownwell (drums), Will Wu (lead guitar), Rodrigo Moreno (bass), and Michael O’Grady (guitar). Together, they create a great sound that is both familiar and refreshing, with lyrics by Capelle that truly speak to you.

This song is raw and honest in a way that I love and deeply relate to. It’s about how clinging to material things to make you feel better and centering a fale identity around external things just doesn’t work. That’s a personal struggle of mine and many other people, and Capelle tackles it in a clever and beautiful way because she was in the same position herself. It gives a number of temporary solutions to feeling a void in yourself and being unable to find satisfaction in the person you are, latching onto other ideals and hoping to fake your way into being accepted and loved, when what you really need to do is learn to love yourself instead of basing everything around the whims of others.

"Docs" -

The music is fun and upbeat despite the point of the song- it works wonderfully, as Capelle is coming from the perspective of being in denial, despite knowing exactly what the issue is. Sometimes it’s easier to pretend everything is better than the reality of the situation. Harsh realizations on the road to loving yourself is an unfairly difficult thing, after all. It has a distinctive sound and still seems to draw inspiration from a number of indie artists, especially towards the end of the song. I especially love the guitar work on this track.

Capelle’s voice is smooth and has all of the heart you’d want in a song like this. It isn’t the most unique sound, but it’s perfectly suited to “Docs”. Her diction is probably the best part of the song- how she stresses certain words gives “Docs” a new life and a spin that makes it unique to Capelle. Not to mention that despite the song hitting pretty hard, doing that gives it a fun air that works well with the sound and the clever lyrics.

All in all, “Docs” is a fantastic single that spoke to me and left quite an impression on me. It’s given me a great deal to think about and I appreciate that. It’s beautiful when music can lead you to think critically and evaluate yourself, even if it isn’t the most fun thing- sometimes you need a firm kick in the right direction, and “Docs” can be exactly what you need. If you’re looking for a good song that is perfect to sing along with, this is great. If you’re one to over analyze yourself, then “Docs” is also the song for you. Honestly, I’d recommend this song to anyone. Leah Capelle has a beautiful sound and a way with words that I look forward to experiencing more of in the future!

Victoria Patterson


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