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Single Review: Black Bluebirds - 'Love Kills Slowly'


Black Bluebirds is a band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their single, “Love Kills Slowly,” is from their new album Like Blood For Music. Their sound is best described as distorted pop with some rock elements thrown in. The trio is made up of Daniel Fiskum, Simon Husbands, and Chad Helmonds. Black Bluebirds has a mission to turn pop music into something individualized and important, as opposed to what most mainstream music has become.

“Love Kills Slowly” has some good elements and some that, due to a difference in taste, left me less than impressed. I am all for distortion and turning tropes on their head, but this song didn’t display what the trio so proudly claims. If anything, the vocal distortion just made it sound like they recorded it with a bad microphone. It also seemed that the key wasn’t right for the singer. The female vocalist, however, was the spark that this song needs. She has a great voice and I wasn’t that interested before she showed up in the chorus.

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Their influences, especially The Doors and David Bowie, are prelavent throughout the song, without it seeming like they were blatantly copying or trying to steal their essence. The music itself, if a bit formulaic, was solid and pleasing to the ears. It made me feel nostalgic and melancholy, given the lyrics. It’s a song that you have to be careful with, as it can further effect your mood. That’s a powerful thing that most artists are looking to achieve with their music, and Black Bluebirds manages it.

The lyrics are very hit-and-miss. The verses are acceptable but they don’t pack any punches. I love one part of the chorus, where the lyrics are, “But the lights are pretty, ‘til there’s blood on the floor.” The backup vocals really make this shine with her strong voice. Another great part is towards the end of the song- “Clean up the blood / Hide the gun / Get out now / The job is done.” It really stuck with me. The song is self-explanatory. Love kills slowly, and at the end, that’s exactly what has happened. It’s an experience that you feel rather than have it explained to you, but the lyrics that really make it clear do a stellar job of hitting you in the right places.

While I don’t wholly agree with their mission - I’m of the opinion that complaining about pop music is just as overdone and tiring as pop itself, only without the few blips of mindless fun you can get from a popular song - I do appreciate “Love Kills Slowly” overall, even with the few complaints I have. Black Bluebirds is working towards a truly dynamic sound and I’m admittedly fascinated in it. It reminds me of older rock, when people were experimenting with anything they could get their hands on. One thing is for sure, though: if you like music that sounds ‘off’ in the right ways, then this is a good song for you.

Victoria Patterson


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