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Single Review: Houey Freeman - 'Dirty Dollars Reloaded'


With hip-hop music sensation alluring the musical world in recent times, many talented musical artists are gaining immense popularity with their innovative compositions. One such artist is Houey Freeman aka Ash Ra who has retained his extreme potential and released his debut single 'Dirty Dollars (Reloaded)' from his soon to be released long play ‘Godbody Jones'. The song also features Breeze (Grynd Seazon), Noah Archangel and Yeaux Majesty from the popular hip-hop group ‘The Band Of The Hawk' and JHope which involuntarily leads the song into the charisma of dramatic heights.

Formerly known as Ash Ra, the hip-hop producer Houey Freeman changed his name and fluently adopted the identity of a soulful singer with his new single ‘Dirty Dollars(Reloaded)' among the other interesting tracks from his upcoming album ‘Godbody Jones'. In this particular song, we get to hear Houey with his highly intense vocals for the very first time.

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Crafted in the typical hip-hop style this song gives the finest quality of rapping sections collaborated with a strong instrumental backdrop as Freeman takes a gentle sound trip from a smooth slithering musical note to a groovy beating fun song. The whole ambiance of the song is created right with the prelude note before Freeman takes a complete control over the initial lyrics of the song.

Accompanied by the other famous legends this song takes a special lift with its unusual pattern of melodies and amazingly unique pacing. The special flavor of occasional high and slow patterns harmonies keeps the song interesting and engaging for its listeners.

Freeman has surely proven his ingenious musical talent the way he has incredibly maintained the varied tone of the song. Beginning with a strong and intense prelude, the song takes a smooth slow turn into the deep pulsating beats which decently catches the special rhythmic rapping course. The recording team surely showed genuine talent and maintained the quality. The voice quality during the rapping sections is clear and impressive.

The lyrics of the song are simple yet leave a deep impact on the overall audience. Once someone has heard this song it would be really difficult for him to immediately stop the impetuous feeling that the words bring.

Freeman has undoubtedly dedicated every ounce of his talent to this beautiful collection of hip-hop musical creations which is clearly understood from this particular single from the album. ‘Releasing Dirty Dollars (Reloaded)' as a single is an excellent step in inculcating his audience before the whole album gets to them. The song itself implants an expectation that could take the hip-hop genre of music by fire.

With his ingenious innovative composition, Freeman has surely taken every step necessary to charm his audience with his debut single. This song has every capability to melt the strongest of heart and groove his audience with its amusing melodious background instrumental engagement. Spreading multiple flavors this single is sure to lure many music lovers to rejoice and groove with this particular fun song.

9/10 Stars

-Evan Sanders


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